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    Should the U.S. leave NATO?

    Now that the Cold War is over, I wondered what benefit, on balance, accrued to the U.S. for being in NATO. It seems to me most of our allies have little military ability and less inclination to use it. In addition, it seems all we are doing is providing a subsidy for the european nanny state.
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    Which was the worst, Homa, Srebrentisa or Abu Ghraib? Which got the most attention?

    I just wondered, in relationship to the loss of human life, which was the worst and which got the most press coverage?
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    Who is more valuable to the planet?

    Is it 1.2 million muslims or 14 millin jews? Could this be the real reason muslims and europeans hate the Jews? http://www.edu-cyberpg.com/Technology/securitycrisis2nobel.html P.S. I'm not Jewish and yes, this is a valid, even essential point of discussion. ;)
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    What will they do after oil?

    The recent U.N report on the state of development in the M.E., combined with the World Bank report of global indexs of human development reveal that most oil producing states have completely failed in the areas of societal developement. Which makes me wonder, what will happen to them as the...
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    Why the anger over Pinochet but not over Castro?

    One thing I find perplexing is the continual bleeting blood lust for the neck of poor old Generallisimo Augusto Pinochet but no similar feelings for El Commandante en Jefe, Fidel Castro. This is especially perplexing because Castro was and is the more oppressive of the two and because the fruits...
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    China, an emerging superpower or an old man on viagara?

    It's fashionable nowadays to portray China as the next superpower. However, serious students of foreign policy and futurism have a few doubts. 1- China has no history of democracy or respect for the rights of the individual at all. Now, the reality is that to date, no modern society has ever...
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    Why are europeans so clueless?

    Reading through this site and others, in conversations and in the the press, it is startling apparent to me that Europeans who regard themselves as well informed are actually amazing misinformed about so many issues. This is a thread to dispel so of the misunderstood ideas and facts I have...
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