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  1. J

    Religion is a form of Mind Control for the Massess

    Religion of any type is for the weak minded and for reactionary lackeys of the right wingnuts and those who practice priestcraft. It is needless for modern man and makes him a weak minded fool, intoxicated on the mind altering fantasy of a psychologically projected Celestial Daddy that will...
  2. J

    Socialist Democracy (Viva Revolution!)

    My friends, and espeially my comrades, I am a Socialist Democrat. I beleive that a socialist systerm that provides the very basics of life (food, clothing and housing) should be FREE. Comrades, these are not luxuries, but necessities and it is only right in a nation as mighty and wealthy as...
  3. J

    Right Wingnut KKKristian KKKooks are a threat to a Free America

    Hello all my fellow wage slaves, oppressed by the wage slave economy that exploits your labors to enrichen the ruling clique of moneyed aristocracy. I am here to write about a CLEAR & PRESENT DANGER to our freedoms in this land; I am speaking about the fanatic members of the fundementalist cults...
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