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    More Immigrants or Less

    Should U.S. allow less immigrants into the country or should the maximum # of immigrants per year be increased?
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    Sixth Commandment True Translation

    I'm getting sick of all these liberals/anti-war protesters twisting my god's words around. Most of them think the 6th commandment is "Thou shalt not kill" when actually the true translation from Hebrew is "Thou shalt not murder" and some of you will argue that they're the same thing when they...
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    Independents vote here!

    Now we all know that Republicans are for the cause of the Iraqi war and that liberals want isolationism. But I've often wondered what independents have to say on the issue.
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    Independants vote here!

    Now we all know that Republicans are for the cause of the Iraqi and that liberals want isolationism. But I've often wondered what independants have to say on the issue.
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    Pedophile Punishments

    I had no idea which forum this thread should have been in so I put it in this one. Personally, I think child molesters are worse then serial killers, and therefore should be punished more severely. Pedophilia (Maybe I spelled right maybe I didn't- I don't care) is not a mental disease as...
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    Challenging Accusations

    Because liberal people have the tendency to not think through things before acting, I'd like to challenge some of their accusations of Bush and the Iraqi war that I frequently hear, being that I live in a liberal infested state: One: "The only reason Bush went to war was so he can get oil"...
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    Should celebs express views?

    Should people of influence (musicians, actors, teachers - any one thats not in politics) moraly be able to express thier views, regardless of political alignment, to the people/children that look up to them? (Keep in mind this is not a matter of law, but whether you think that it is moraly...
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    Welfare: Good or Bad?

    I live in state that's pretty generous about handing out fat welfare checks. Personally I think the system is being screwed over by too many fat sluts who spend more time on their backs with the mailman then out trying to get a job, or trying to make something of their lives. Is the initial...
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    Red pens

    I found this new proposal by liberal teachers and i though it was pretty funny. It was in some Boston news paper online "If you see a whole paper of red, it looks pretty frightening," said Sharon Carlson, a health and physical education teacher at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Northampton...
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    Think about who you are defending

    Here's a little something for you liberal commies to think about: Who really do you defend? Republicans Unborn innocent life, even if the mother is a lazy bitch, there are thousands of people who wait years for adopting a kid. Innocent civilians of foreign lands: Before you say...
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