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    Is Feminism Devisive ?

    I think I have started out on the wrong foot. My display of my logic has not been the best and because of it im afraid that my pont was not conveyed. So forgive me as I step in to past 2 or 3 pages to a post that I wanted to make but never did. This forum moves WAY faster then the ones im used...
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    Is Feminism Devisive ?

    Do a search in the bible on women, you will find that they, ruled citys, saved spys, ruled contrys, led groups of people. I find it interesting that you say they had no rights. shifting thought,I think that the faminist work has moved to the illogical side of things. In the past maby, when...
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    Is Feminism Devisive ?

    This is most interesting, and i find i tend to agree with Arthur Fonzarelli. But I cant say for shure that women bring down the sallorys. i think that sallorys seem so low becouse prices are so hi, in maine it will coust me $500 monthly to have a place of mine own were i only get $200 a week. in...
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    Number 622 is here.

    Hi, I'm Matt, i was invited here by some one i know in person, though i dont know her name here. Have to ask later i guess, lol. I try not to aline my slef with any politcail bent. Im shure some one will say i am something and I'll bair with him. i just dont like all the backround junk...
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