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    Did the founders intend this to be a Christian nation?

    Here are a couple of paragraphs from the Federalist Paper #2 written by John Jay. The main thrust of the paper is that a union should be formed. These give reasons why such a union would have a lot going for it. In regard to the characteristics of the people, notice that what is stressed...
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    An odd happening on my cell phone

    I have a cell phone that I use only for outgoing calls and I have never given the number to anyone. Occasionally, I get a stray call, which I never answer. Last night it happened. Later, I was fooling with the thing and discovered that I had voice mail. Out of curiousity I tried to listen to...
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    On B***S**T

    The following excerpt is taken from a thin little book from Princeton Press by Harry Frankfurt, a professor there. It is a serious essay, but due to censorship problems you may have to use your imagination. :rolleyes: "The notion of carefully wrought bull**** involves, then, a certain inner...
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    The way Social Security Account really work

    January 27, 2005 Excerpted from NYT article emphasis added.
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    Anyone being bothered by autodialers?

    :party :duel
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    Anyone being bothered by autodialers?

    Your phone rings, you pick it up and say hello, it beeps in your ear and goes dead. Same thing happens two minutes or so later, and maybe yet again. This could be three o'clock in the morning. Might happen two or three times a day. You are infested with autodialers. You complain to the...
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