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    Viktor Yushchenko Poisoned?

    By dioxin. I feel bad because I looked at him one time and just thought his hard look was due to the cold and hard weathered lifestyle of Ukraine. Little did I know he was surviving attempted murder! Have you seen the before and after pictures? Wow. Dick Morris was on Hannity & Colmes and...
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    Media on Politics

    What do you think of a forum for posting threads on specific media? I get so excited about CSPAN sometimes, I need an outlet. My husband is getting whiplash nodding and smiling politely. We could all post where get our news. Maybe it would be a good place to figure out which is least...
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    Have you taken the time to read the Roe v. Wade Opinion?

    Please take a half hour or so to educate yourself on your own abortion stance by reading and understanding the opinion. http://members.aol.com/abtrbng/410us113.htm Or feel free to find your own source =-)
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    You're vote shouldn't count if...

    I've experienced a few remarks in this forum and elsewhere that a person's vote shouldn't count if it's because it's based on this or that belief. What are your thoughts when you hear this type of statement?
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    Great Experience as Observer of Governorship Manual Recount

    I took off work Thursday so I could learn and experience more of our election process than just voting. I entered the Givens Center at 8:15 to observe the manual recount for the Washington State governorship. I wore a name tag noting my party affiliation. We weren't allowed to talk with the...
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    http://www.iraqbodycount.net/press/ Civilians reported killed by the military intervention in Iraq Min 14548 Max 16714 Excerpts from press release link above: ...Iraq Body Count does not include casualty estimates or projections in its database. It only includes individual or cumulative...
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