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    School uniforms

    At the beginning yes, but I feel after everyone stops complaining, they would get used to it.
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome Welcome! :wcm :wcm
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    Will any nation ever attempt an attack on American soil (not terriorst)?

    If they invaded from the east, they would make it was far as WVa, our Fords and Shotguns would drive the largest forces back to the sea. If they invaded from the West, they would see California, and be very confused with all the same sex walking together, and prolly stop right there.
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    UK Identity Cards

    Thats the only thing I would disagree with. The fact you have to pay. We dont have them in the US, but if we had to have them, I really wouldn't mind so much.
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    other countries

    I think something we all need to learn is, when there is war, there will always be a country divided in 2. Unless we have a just cause that can draw america together. Such as 9-11, I want to find an American who didnt want to go for Osama. Pearl Harbor is another example. When the war is...
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    School uniforms

    I personally think it should be left up to the district. Always give the people a choice. As I said a while back, if they dont like uniforms, give the families an alternative, such as another school district where uniforms are optional. If you enforced it across the board there would be...
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    Fries and Mayonnaise in Europe

    HERE Here!
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    I think the 9-11 incident was more of a statement. "Hey look, we came into your contry, took YOUR plane, with YOUR people in it, and ran it into YOUR building with more of YOUR people in it." Setting off a nuke would have been more devestating, but I think their main idea was trying to get that...
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    I repect a man that says what he means and

    I dont think Praying could help him.
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    School uniforms

    its... erm... interesting. Got confused, who are all those people?
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    Question for the community

    I agree. I know they can get heated, i used to chat on MSN all the time.
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    Sup hoes?

    hahahaha. :rofl
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    School uniforms

    Equality is not a challenge of freedom. You still have a choice.
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    Iraq - Al Queida Link

    All of this should not be the responsibility of the US. We have our own problems sometimes.
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    Iraq - Al Queida Link

    :applaud :applaud :applaud Its true.
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    Something that tweaks me...

    It really depends on the issues and what the american people want. But, in this election some of the topics were the same.
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    Something that tweaks me...

    It really depends on the issue. If THAT MANY PEOPLE were opposed to an issue that the Rep/Dem were in favor of, the 3rd party could very well come into power.
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    Something that tweaks me...

    See, i dont know what age group you talk to. The people I talk to are between the age of 16-19. See, i think some of the kids I speak to, disagree just to disagree. Some of my friends have good arguements, such as different views. But with others, I think they hate them, just for the sake of it.
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    If you take that point into consideration, they would be more willing to sell their nukes on the blackmarket to make ends meat, then to fire the missles themselves. Esp if they sell them to enemies of the US. So, it would be a win-win for them.
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