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  1. easyt65

    Pelosi guilty of violating Logan Act (1790)

    Logan Act: Logan Act: Information from Answers.com Of course, as the Libs like to point out, if you commit a crime and are not prosecuted for it, technically (to them) you never committed a crime! :rofl I guess Pelosi considers herself the approving authority required to grant HERSELF...
  2. easyt65

    Pelosi Defies White house - To Meet W/Terrorists!

    Attempting to make the Bush Administration impotent through her actions as well as trying to demonstrate SHE is the most powerful politician in the United States, Nancy Pelosi has defied the Bush Administration and has broken his/the U.S. established policy regarding visiting terrorist states...
  3. easyt65

    Re-evaluating Terry Schiavo Case?

    I just sat here and watched a live news story about a woman who went into a veggitative state 7 years ago, diagnosed with no better chance than was given Terry Schiavo. This woman has woken up and is doing 'well'. The doctor in charge of the case has called this 'remarkable' and said that the...
  4. easyt65

    Libby Guilty / Politics out of Control

    The verdict is in for Scooter Libby, and that verdict is 'Guilty'. The real story is not what the jury said with their vote but rather what they said in the press conference immediately after: "We felt sympathy for Libby. He was the fall guy." "This sucks - we wish we weren't judging Libby."...
  5. easyt65

    WTF Happened to MY Country?

    I have a very good friend who served his country well, joined an organization that helps nations abroad, met and married his wife from the Czech Republic, and has come back home. He just told me that, after trying for a while now, that he and his wife are expecting a baby. THAT's the good...
  6. easyt65

    Just curious about Pelosi

    Is there a crooked, convicted, or indicted judge and/or politician out there that she has NOT nominated yet for a position in her 'cleanest run congress in US history'? :shock: :doh :rofl
  7. easyt65

    Hillary Demands Obama stop TRUTH spreading

    Hotline On Call: Falling On Geffen Ears While one might accurately call Geffen's comments 'sour grapes' as a result of raising some $18 Mil for the Clintons and then getting his request of a pardon for a fellow celeb denied, he makes a good point -an HONEST/TRUTHFUL point - that Clinton could...
  8. easyt65

    What America Needs to Wake Up To

    Civilization Calls - Wake Up America! Today’s reality is tomorrow’s future. This is a great site that provides some alarming statistics and information in hopes that America will wake up before it is too late. It is what is NOT being said in the news or by our representatives but is true...
  9. easyt65

    Democrats raise the circus tents

    What a Black Day for America, especially the blue-collar, working-class tax-paying American middle and lower classes! Pelosi's 'assumptiuion of power' was a freaking circus, a gawdy display of braggadocious chest beating, a pagan celebration of regaining personal and party power in the face of...
  10. easyt65

    WHEN will People GET IT?

    The words streamed across the TV in my office, and all work around me stopped as the officers took a moment to watch the latest even in the continuous assimilation of the world by the Muslim Extremist BORG that have risen up and beseiged the world! The realization, the PROOF, that the Muslim...
  11. easyt65

    Thanksgiving - Meet the family

    ...and remember them with thanks this holiday! http://www.clermontyellow.accountsupport.com/flash/UntilThen.swf (* Turn the sound up!)
  12. easyt65

    Pelosi's 1st Set back

    Well, Pelosi experiences her 1st set back/loss as Speaker of the House, and better still was that it was at the hands of her own party! :doh What about the Panel/Committee put together to come up with other options for Iraq? What about all the on-going and recent investigations into how best...
  13. easyt65

    Steve Forbes Vs Ben Stein on Fox

    While Steve Forbes defended the great economic booms of the republican eras, Ben Stein declared thatthe way ahead for the future of the U.S. is to begin and continue taxing the upper 10% of America more and more (unfairly) because they can afford it. Stein's economic philosophy clearly echoes...
  14. easyt65

    Congrats to the Dems.....but

    Hypocrisy Begins before all the Votes are in: "We don't want legislative gridlock. The American people don't want legislative gridlock. They voted for change." Late Last Night, House (D) Minority Whip: * Funny how Nancy Pelosi bragged in a Time Magazine article not long ago about how the...
  15. easyt65

    Kerry's '72 Army Comments Mirror Latest [title changed]

    Ok, for all the people saying what John Kerry said is NOT what he meant, it was just a joke gone awry, Explain THIS, please: BTW: Definition of Anathema -- One that is cursed or damned. One that is greatly reviled, loathed, or shunned. So back in 1972, Kerry was not only against the DRAFT...
  16. easyt65

    Who DOES Speak for the Democratic Party?

    Howard Dean was named Chairman of the DNC...yet after saying some really insulting and inflamatory (not to mention insane) things that brought heat to the party, Democrats could not line up fast enough to distance themselves from him and declare that he did not speak for them OR the Democratic...
  17. easyt65

    4-Star general Thomas MacInerney demands Kerry resignation

    General McInerney called Kerry's comments 'dispicable', and said when given the chance to apologize by saying he had mispoken, 'which he could have easiluy have done, he only dug the whole deeper!' McInerneny pointed out that our military is the greatest in the history of mankind and that...
  18. easyt65

    Kerry can't help it, attacks/insults Military AGAIN!

    Yeah, the Democrats just LOVE the military! They LOVE to lie about war crimes they never witnessed in order to jump start their own anti-war political careers! They LOVE calling us Nazi and Pol Pot Regeimist equivalents! They LOVE calling us Terrorists! Well, john F*ing Kerry just couldn't...
  19. easyt65

    DNC Sends out Army of Lawyers to Secure Election victory

    Ah, Shades of Presidential Elections Past! Hanging chads, disenfranchised voters, felons and dead people voting, and an Army of lawyers to watch over the whole thing! :roll: Remember how the Democrats sent out their army of Lawyers across the nation to ensure no election day hanky panky went...
  20. easyt65

    Dems Continue to Lie, Use Michael J. Fox to do so

    Everyone is well aware of the 'Rush Limbaugh Scandal', but what about the 'DNC/Fox Scandal' that started this whole thing? The Dems used Michael J. Fox in a DNC-funded, scripted, directed, and televised political campaign ad to spread lies, exploiting Fox's condition to either ensure a free...
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