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  1. Mixed View

    The Great Abortion Debate Divide

    I really don't know what to think about abortion. The Bible goes both ways on the issue and I don't think any of us humans have the knowledge or right to say when life begins or ends. The Bible talks about how God knew us before we were born, but also if a murderer killed a pregnant woman he...
  2. Mixed View

    How many firearms do you own?

    i don't own any guns. Not a big fan of them at all
  3. Mixed View

    What are You Listening to Right Now??

    im listening to 3OH!3
  4. Mixed View

    God's views on abortion

    Abortion will happen legally or illegally. I think God isnt a fan of Abortion. The Bible says he knew us before we were born; however, he gave us free will and we're gonna make bad choices and mess up. I think abortion should still stay legal even though i don't agree with it (except in cases...
  5. Mixed View

    Help plz.

    I understand what you're saying and agree with most of it. I think we are a country that says that we stand for justice and EQUALLITY but we don't follow through. A civil union is not a big deal. It won't make more people homosexual or corrupt our society, cause our society is already...
  6. Mixed View

    What are you listening to?

    right now I'm listening to "In Regards To Myself" by Underoath. And I just got the new The Chariot cd.
  7. Mixed View

    Flag-burning amendment

    If you want to burn a flag I think you should be able to burn a flag, but if you hate america so much that you burns its flag then why in the world do you live here? Why do you live in a country that gives you so many freedoms and then you piss on its history. It shows disrespect for every...
  8. Mixed View

    I've figured it out and our government is stupid

    There are no WMDs in Iraq, Chuck Norris lives in Oklahoma. That is simple common knowledge.
  9. Mixed View

    CNN Down Fox most respected

    Hannity and Colmes. O'Riley and Chris Matthews. See, they cancel eachother out. Cnn, Larry King. Where their conservative side. Where Fox shows both.
  10. Mixed View

    CNN Down Fox most respected

    Hannity and Colmes. O'Riley and Chris Matthews. See, they cancel eachother out. Cnn, Larry King. Where their conservative side. Where Fox shows both.
  11. Mixed View

    CNN Down Fox most respected

    Frankly I believe in what Micheal Savage says about CNN and it should be renames TNN (Taliban News Network). I believe that Fox News if fair and balanced.
  12. Mixed View

    What makes someone a slut ?

    A slut almost always directed at women. Men are man whores and there are a lot of them. A slut to me is third base and all the way repeat offenders that don't do it for love but for pleasure. that is a slut.
  13. Mixed View

    who is the worse president in our history?

    I think the worst presidents are deffinelely Bill Clinton. Ya, he was just a wimp that never did anything with the middle east threats which eventually led to 9/11. His high taxes were unfair. You say his presidency was full of peace, but because he didn't step his foot down it led to more...
  14. Mixed View

    Privitized Social Security

    Democrats see that Privatized S.S. is just the thing we need. They know that S.S. is screwed soon, they just don't want it now because, one, a Republican would get credit for it, and they feel that we aren't totally screwed yet and there's no hurry, but if there is a problem why not fix it...
  15. Mixed View

    Privitized Social Security

    I need arguments for and against Privitezed Social Security. What are the benifets and what are the weaknesses of this?
  16. Mixed View


  17. Mixed View


    Listen, when the woman has sex and gets pregnant who is harming her? When she wants an abortion because she was lazy and irresponsible us pro-lifers turn into the bad guys because we're causing her harm? It was her choice to get pregnant, she is harming herself. You don't have to have an...
  18. Mixed View


    For your information our family has atopted one girl and found families for all 7 of the other kids, so how about you? What the heck have you done? Probably nothing and you just like to whine about unwanted kids and then do nothing about it. very sad
  19. Mixed View


    I believe you have forgotton one point that was posted earlier. If I am wrong and the fetus is not a human life and my belief that it is does not harm me, society, or anything, but say you are wrong and that a fetus is a human life, then guess what? You have then just supported the biggest act...
  20. Mixed View


    Listen peoples say that there is this situations and there are two paths out of it. One way is a quick painless death to a human baby and the other is to a animal baby. What are you going to choose? Well heck, you better pick the baby. The reason humans are ahead of animals is simply because...
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