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  1. Blackflagx

    Sex Ed.

    Well, I strongly oppose abstinence education. It should be up to the kid to choose whether or not to have sex. The schools should simply educate kids about sex but not tell them wheater or not to have it. Let them make up their own minds. Don't "hand out" condoms, but make them available upon...
  2. Blackflagx

    What political philosophy do YOU support?

    I am also a social democrat. I believe in state ownership over the major industries, but I don't feel that small businesses should be illegal. I have no problem with small, community based businesses, providing they are taxed. I also believe we need a democratic republic, where the people elect...
  3. Blackflagx

    Most Failed World Leader Of The 20th Century

    I would vote for Reagan. He was probably the worst president we have ever had, waging war in the name of capitalism, selling WMDs to Saddam, stopping revolutions in latin America, using central American death squads, etc. Ronald Reagan DEFINITELY needs to be added to the poll.
  4. Blackflagx

    What debate forums do you visit?

    I recently discovered this one... LiberalForum.org I also visit my own forum Left Alternative (Access the forums through the nav bar.)
  5. Blackflagx


    Welcome to debate politics! Whatever your ideology may be. ;)
  6. Blackflagx

    Demographics on the Forum: Country, Age, Gender?

    Male, 15, USA
  7. Blackflagx

    Greatest Political System

    I prefer socialism...sort of. I think the major industries must be controled by the government, but I really dont have a big problem with some small busineses here and there. And yes, the USA is not a democracy, it is a constitutional republic. A democracy is where the people rule. A republic is...
  8. Blackflagx

    How conservative / liberal are you?

    Overall: 5% Conservative, 95% Liberal Social Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal Personal Responsibility: 25% Conservative, 75% Liberal Fiscal Issues: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal Ethics: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal Defense and Crime: 0% Conservative, 100% Liberal
  9. Blackflagx

    Greatest Person of All Time

    I would say it would put them up a notch. I really respect someone who is willing to undergoe great physical suffering for what's right. Gandhi would also have to be my number 1 choice. A man who was a true revolutionary and martyr for his people, while at the same time not dropping to the level...
  10. Blackflagx

    PATRIOT act. Dictatorship to come.

    Sorry, typo on my part. 2002.
  11. Blackflagx


    Exactly. The War on Terrorism (and war in general) is barbaric and unnecessary. The best way to stop terrorism is to change our foreign policy, giving terrorists no reason to attack us. A peacefull, international, solution is possible and is the best path. Terrorism is a tactic. You CANNOT fight...
  12. Blackflagx

    PATRIOT act. Dictatorship to come.

    I myself have not, but I can name someone who has. Source: From the Documentary "Unconstitutional" (Not exact words from the Source) Nadaline Hamoui and Her Family: Imigrant Arab-Americans who applied for political assylum from Syria. On February 22, 2001 at 7:00 am, herself and her entire...
  13. Blackflagx

    PATRIOT act. Dictatorship to come.

    The Patriot act is the most horrifically unconstitutional act ever put into place. The government now has the right to lock you up in solitary confinement, deny you the right to trial, never even let you have a phone call, and it can even hold you until the war on terrorism is over: forever. All...
  14. Blackflagx


    Hey Xphile! You may remember me as Cobra90x from Revolutionaryleft.com Welcome to Debate Politics!
  15. Blackflagx

    Liberals are sick!

    I am pro-choice up until the point where the fetus is viable. If the fetus has grown enough to be able to survive if it came out, then abortion should be illegal. However, up until this point, the fetus is not a human life. Therefore, it is part of the womans body and she should have the right...
  16. Blackflagx

    Socialism and Capitalism. Let us learn about each other.

    Fair enough. You are right when you say we cannot dismantle all private property immediatly. Small businesses will be allowed to exist and the major industries will be nationalized. Though we may get rid of all enterprises over time in the later stages of socialism. Of course! There is a...
  17. Blackflagx

    I am new

    Welcome! Always good to have more greens and leftists here. Im in strong support of the green party as well.
  18. Blackflagx

    Hello out there.

    Yes welcome to Debate Politics! I really do agree with you. No war is ever justified and we seem to care more about profit than the well being of others. Im glad to have another anti-war voice here, there are a lot of conservatives.
  19. Blackflagx

    Socialism and Capitalism. Let us learn about each other.

    I think that the workers should vote on decisions that affect them. There should be a variety of democratic processes for different situations. If you want to wear a red tie, that is your personal choice, no vote is required. If you want to increase production, that requires a vote of those who...
  20. Blackflagx

    Socialism and Capitalism. Let us learn about each other.

    The problem with this is that you still dont have workplace democracy. If private enterprise exists, the owner has dictatorial power over the workers that work for him. They are not involved in the decision making process and are totally exempt from the running of their place of work. I will...
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