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  1. jcueckert13

    Gun Control

    so are you saying that because the first amendment should only apply to quills because in those days there was no such thing as a typewriter of computer? there should be some restrictions to the second amendment like when you comit a violent crime you should have your right to bear arms revoked...
  2. jcueckert13

    Controle of Govornment by the wealthy

    the reason you have 70% of sons not being better off than their fathers is because they dont have the modivation to do better. when you grew up as i did you realize that you cant get much lower on the social ladder. i am determined to rise above my beginings at whatever cost. i know alot of...
  3. jcueckert13

    One last flip-flop

    the only proof either way is statements made by various people who either served with him or above him. and in todays world what a person says has no credibility without solid evidence. the cbs reports on this showed that even after 5 years the only way they could procede with the story was to...
  4. jcueckert13

    One last flip-flop

    there is no way to prove either way that bushs father kept him out of veit nam. there was a little reported news story before the election where bushs co in the air national guard stated that "The Air Force, in their ultimate wisdom, assembled a group of 102's and took them to Southeast Asia...
  5. jcueckert13

    Social Security - I don't understand

    the problem is that it is george w bush that wants to fix the problems with social security and the democrats know that after going to war with iraq bush has proven that he has the balls to do what he promised to do. the democrats use the issue of social security to scare their supporters into...
  6. jcueckert13

    Controle of Govornment by the wealthy

    i do not support welfare in its current incarnation. to be perfectly honest i am not a big fan of taking handouts for school but when its the only way to get a education its hard not to.
  7. jcueckert13

    Video games and their effect on kid's intellignece, health etc.

    only 4-6 hours:eek: when i am at school the weekends in the dorm turned into a video game fest from friday after school till monday morning with a few short naps in between
  8. jcueckert13

    Controle of Govornment by the wealthy

    i dont know where you get the idea that it is hard for the poor to get money for education, but i can tell you from first hand experience that the poorer you are the more money the government gives you to go to school. i dont know what your financial background is but i grew up in a very poor...
  9. jcueckert13

    It Can't Happen Here

    both parties are guilty of using these tactics. another topic that is left out is that in a majority of fascist regimes there is also extremely strict gun control laws
  10. jcueckert13

    under funding in schools

    in alot of cases the problem is that the school districts spend the money that should go to education on bs projects. the high school i went to is in a rural ag based comunity and back 20 years ago the school district was the top in the state in quality of education. today it is towards the...
  11. jcueckert13

    Founding fathers and religion

    the founding fathers may not have been religous people but they did base the laws of the country on the values taught by christianity. and as i recall george bush did show how open minded he is by selibrating ramadon(sp?) in the white house.
  12. jcueckert13

    Require man to make descision

    but still in conseption the man and the woman had an equal role except in the case of rape. i dont think it is a practicle idea because in some cases the woman and man arnt going to have the same oppinion on what should be done and arnt going to be able to reach an agreement
  13. jcueckert13

    Gay marriage on the ballot in 11 states

    heyjoeo first of all it is spelled conniving not coniviving. for being such a little bitch over my grammer you should have known that. and second with your stance on gay marriage you seem heterophobic
  14. jcueckert13

    veterans homecoming from Iraq

    i completly support the troops and some of my best friends are serving in iraq as we speak. i have alot of respect for anyone who has the balls to answer their countrys call of duty in a time of war. the people that give our troops dirty looks upon returning home dont deserve the freedom the...
  15. jcueckert13

    Home schooling and sports

    i know that where i went to high school if you where home schooled you could go to the public high school to take art, ceramics, rotc, or any other elective and you would be able to play sports.
  16. jcueckert13

    I would suggest anyone that posts a Washington Post

    heyjoeo you have the same problems with backing up your oppinions so i dont think you have a place to talk
  17. jcueckert13

    ACU Sends Congratulations, Thanks to Massachusetts Chief Justice for Making Big Bush

    evil or not karl rove is a genious and he helped our president acheive a margin of victory that bill clinton could only dream of. the gay marriage amendments proposed by those 11 states may have helped in the victory but opposition to gay marriage does not translate in to homophobia. the term...
  18. jcueckert13

    Are the Red States Welfare Queens?

    somthing you need to realize(at least about new mexico) is that the reasons for federal funding are things like national labs, military facilitys, and in new mexcio especially you have the indian reservations getting large amounts of federal funding BTW new mexico voted for bush
  19. jcueckert13

    Gun Control

    there are a few people that need help but overall there is way to much abuse of the system. and the un is a completly useless orginization. when the world was pissed at the us over the abu graib pictures they over looked the fact that un peace keepers in africa were raping women and children...
  20. jcueckert13

    If the person you vote for President

    it depends. if your a liberal you will file lawsuits in a attempt to get your guy elected through the court system and if this fails you will try to discredit the person elected by claiming voter fraud or voter supression. if your a conservitive you go out and stock up on ammo and guns knowing...
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