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    Who's done Christmas shopping?

    As I try to avoid any argument about whether I should have titled the thread with the word "Christmas" or "Holiday", please, tell me, are you done with your shopping? I'm pretty much done, but I'm tinkering with the idea of hooking my parents up with a wireless network kit, or SunRocket voip...
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    Using Dems Votes for War as Leverage in 2006?

    By using some of the Dems votes for the Iraq War Resolution, do Republicans gain a true upper hand, despite the fact that many of the Dems have come out and said they made a mistake and that many Americans believe they were decieved as well? Is this really going to be a hot button issue come...
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    Bush Helps Steele to A Quick $500,000

    I thought this was interesting. Despite the continued fall in Bush's approval rating, some 2006 candidates are still bringing him into these fundraisers and aligning themselves with him. They're certainly getting some big money, but will they get the votes in the end? This isn't probably the...
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    What new phone to get?

    I'm in the market for a new cell phone. I've had my current phone for a while and it's pretty much out of date. I've been reading up on bluetooth technology and I see people in Starbucks all the time on those headsets. I've decided I could be well serviced with one of those things. So, I'm...
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    Marathon runners?

    The Marine Corp Marathon was yesterday in DC. Any marathon runners out there?
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    New here!

    Just wanted to come in and say hello. Not much to tell except that I'm glad to be here. Hope to have some good discussion.
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