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  1. AndrewStebbins

    Best NBA Dynasty?

    Always been a Celtics (KEL-TICS) fan, if I had to chose. But I think this one goes to them too. Andrew
  2. AndrewStebbins

    Worst U.S. Presidents Poll.

    Getting in late on this because just got home.... LBJ probably did NOT have any hand what so ever in Kennedy's assassination. He wasn't much a fan of being President. I like him, his foreign policy over shadows his domestic accomplishments. Andrew
  3. AndrewStebbins

    Headlines from the year 2029!

    Here are some for 2029... Quebec finally Secedes from Canada New Coke a huge hit in stores AOL Version 22.8 Released Supreme Court CJ Rehnquiest Retires US Troops To Be Pulled From Iraq in Two Years says Pentagon Andrew
  4. AndrewStebbins

    O'Connor Retires

    Crap...Sorry guys! Andrew
  5. AndrewStebbins

    Worst U.S. Presidents Poll.

    Yeah, seriously! In no paticular order... 1. Herbert Hoover - Got the US into the Great Depression and didn't stop it when he saw what was going on. 2. Richard Nixon - Crook. 3. G.W.B - Liar, Retarded, Cheater 4. Ronald Reagan - Homeless Vets, etc... 5. Andrew Johnson - Lincoln's second VP...
  6. AndrewStebbins

    O'Connor Retires

    Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Conner has retired from the US Supreme Court, and the Bush Admin. is looking for a quick appointment to replace here. O'Conner was often a swing voter, voting less conservatively then her fellow Justices. Rehnquiest has still not announced any public retirement...
  7. AndrewStebbins

    DC: Greatest American

    Oh come on, no one is voting for Washington? Led the American Army in the Revolution, got us our Independence, refused to be King of America, and set the example for future Presidents. Andrew
  8. AndrewStebbins

    Random Thread #2

    I wouldn't know... :rwbdonkey :rwbelepha Democrats - Republicans Andrew
  9. AndrewStebbins

    You voted for him...

    Recently President Bush's approval ratings have slipped.... I see Republicans who obviously voted for him complaining, and honestly don't feel sorry for them. They voted for him. We thank you immensely! Andrew
  10. AndrewStebbins

    Oil crisis

    I just cant way until the day cars can be hacked ;) We are thinking about getting one of those energy efficient automobiles... The thing is, they are ugly. ;) I think there needs to be a trend in buying those automobiles, so the R&D money can go towards those, and maybe we can get...
  11. AndrewStebbins

    How Old is the Earth?

    Wow, how could I not catch that? I meant Billions....4.5 Billion, that crazy science hullabalu is fancy, so fancy you gotta know there is some reasoning behind it. Andrew
  12. AndrewStebbins

    The social well being...

    I thought this would be a hot one so I decided to post it down here in the basement, dont worry I locked the door behind me. Recently I've been thinking about this, and Im sure many of you have already understood this for years... I've noticed that the hardcore religious folks give all of...
  13. AndrewStebbins

    Bush, Time Magazine Person Of The Year?

    It is Time Man of the Year...not greatest person in the world. Good or Bad, I don't think it matters. They did something to get them there. Of course I'm not a Bush fan, and there are much better candidates I'm sure.... ;) By the way, Doonesbury is funny - and you cannot deny that he said...
  14. AndrewStebbins

    Is it Time To Leave Iraq?

    No, not now that we got ourselves into this. "You break it you buy it" - Colin Powell on the Iraq War to President Bush Andrew
  15. AndrewStebbins

    How Old is the Earth?

    About ten years older than God.... But in actuallity, millions of years. Andrew
  16. AndrewStebbins


    Was that meant to be answered? I just got back from a two-day trip, so sorry If I am posting late. Andrew
  17. AndrewStebbins

    DC: Greatest American

    Recently there was a show to find the Greatest American. The Top 100: Included- Ellen DeGeneres, Babe Ruth, Michael Jackson, and Ronald Reagan The Top 25: Included- Bill Gates, Elvis Presley, and Ronald Reagean The Top 10: Included- Oprah Winfrey, Clinton, GW Bush, and Ronald Reagan The...
  18. AndrewStebbins


    Soviet, what are you opinions on my 8th Grade Education? I think I might even be able to get elected to Commons with this. I will see you in the Chambers! Andrew
  19. AndrewStebbins

    Democrat or Republican?

    Your Signature doesn't influence me, Soviet! I'm still a Democrat Andrew
  20. AndrewStebbins


    Nah, New York I need to go back to Canada (Thats the other country, BTW) where it does mean something! :lol: Andrew
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