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  1. Vandeervecken

    AFL: The Arena Football League

    Any other Arena Football fans out there?
  2. Vandeervecken

    What should civil marriage be in the US?

    All Options In Poll Presume All Parties Are Legally Consenting Adults. What should the civil contract called marriage be in the United States. A nations whose Constitution bans anything respecting an establishment of religion should obviously have more choices than those limited by the...
  3. Vandeervecken

    Jesus Died For Our Sins? So What!

    He Died For Our Sins…So what? According to Christianity, all men should be thankful that Jesus Christ died for our sins. They claim that by God taking on human form, suffering, and dying on the cross that humanity can be absolved of our sins and gain eternal paradise. The only requirement is...
  4. Vandeervecken

    The Pledge & Our Public Schools

    Once again the Ninth Circuit Court has ruled in favor of Michael Newdow and others, that it is unconstitutional for our nation's schools to have a morning recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Ever since various Christian organizations, most notably the Knights of Columbus of the Roman...
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