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    The Case for a General Strike

    Given the failure of the American Congress to provide adequate relief for the millions of struggling members of the American working class, who even now are being crushed under the weight of massive socioeconomic inequality, low wages, and the ever rising cost of living, it is my belief that...
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    Congress Seats for Native American Tribes.

    It is an historical fact that Native American tribes have been politically, culturally, and economically marginalized within the United States. Many tribal communities are among the poorest to be found anywhere in the US, and even for those that have seen economic development, it has often come...
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    Assigning Congress seats by race

    In order to better equalize the proportions of political power held by each racial group, and to end white dominance of american politics, congressional seats should be reserved for specific racial groups, based on their percentage of the total American population. This is similar in principle...
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    White Student tells Black girl to "Go pick my cotton"

    https://www.reddit.com/r/PublicFreakout/comments/i9r4kc/white_student_says_go_pick_my_cotton_its_that_way/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Couldn't find any mainstream media coverage of this event so here's the reddit post with the video. To summarize, white student racially insults a...
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    Grocery store employees are emergency workers

    Minnesota and Vermont will classify grocery store employees as emergency workers It's become all too clear how much our society is dependent on the lowest earning employees to keep coming to work, despite serious risk of illness. It's time to raise wages for all grocery store employees, and to...
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