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    Will Biden's Confidence In Blacks All Thinking Alike Be Enough To Salvage Midterms ?

    Biden: Latino community is diverse, ‘unlike the African American community’ Could Biden's assurances that America's black population is not cognitively capable of individual thought be enough to salvage the midterms for democrats ? Or will the growing number of non-black african americans...
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    California Democrat Progressives Roll Up Sleeves To Help Their President Liberate The Supply Chain To Help Poor

    You got to hand it to the democrat progressives, when it comes to the current distribution issues in the supply chain, they know how to get the goods . Your voters obviously love you very much Mr. President .
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    Is President Biden's Cratering Approval Strategy Actually Working For America ?

    Why Wall Street is celebrating Joe Biden’s low approval rating All the indicators are that Americans and business are getting excited by Joe's bottom feeding polling and approval. When his handlers tell Joe his polling has not even begun to find the bottom, could Joe actually be telling them "...
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    Plan B,Can Democrats Get Voting Rights Bill Through Another National Campaign Of Burning, Looting, Murdering ?

    Campaigning While American Cities Burn It worked last time.
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    Belief In Life On Other Planets Is An Act Of Religious Faith Based On Nothing

    U.S. & World Study nixes Mars life in meteorite found in Antarctica Updated: Jan. 13, 2022, 8:41 p.m. | Published: Jan. 13, 2022, 8:41 p.m. I can still remember the presidential press conference concerning this meteorite in 1996 when the opening remarks from the president in which he...
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    New Series Of Inflation Combating Stimulus Payments For Everybody Before Midterms .

    Mo Money for Everybody is so important . We love you Joe ! U.S. Stimulus Check Update: Millions Want More Payments as Inflation Impacts Thanksgiving BY JASON LEMON ON 11/25/21 AT 12:50 PM EST
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    https://www.cnbc.com/2022/01/04/biden-disapproval-rating-high-voters-blame-him-on-economy-cnbc-poll.html Things are starting to turn around for Biden as his disapproval rating went from rock bottom rating to a new high rating. You go Joe!
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    Militant , Violent White Supremacists This Nation's Biggest Threat

    Granted they are Not as tough looking as Nicolas Sandman but i still would not want to run into them . Sure hope Biden can do something about them. Darn racists !
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    Can Anyone Channel Biden's Mysterious New, " George Family Justice Act Policing Act " ?

    Can anyone, even President Harris for that matter decipher Biden's mysterious code ? "President Biden appeared at the South Carolina State University commencement ceremony Friday to speak to students of the historically Black university, where he committed several verbal gaffes. At different...
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    What Is The secret " Message " President Biden Transmitted An " End Of " At Bob Dole's Memorial Today, And To Whom ?

    "Our nation has certainly faced periods of division, but at the end of the day, we’ve always found ways to come together. We can find that unity again.” And the message said, end of message .” ( President Biden 12/9/2021 ) Is this coded " end of message warning " a continuation of the warnings...
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    Do Atheists Ever Experience Spiritual Discoveries & Revelations ?

    I ask this question from the perspective of one who held no firm belief in God or an afterlife at the time . I can distinctly remember as a small child looking into a mirror & looking at the way my body moved based upon thoughts prompting it , and coming to a very real discovery that there was a...
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    " This is the United States of Mayor For God's Sake " ( President Biden, Kansas City 12/8/2021 )

    " This is the United States of Mayor For God's Sake." ( President Biden , Kansas City 12/8/2021) What is this " United States Of Mayor..." that President Biden keeps talking about ? Is he going to federalize the nation's Mayors ?
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    What Percentage Of Jewish People Still Anticipate a Messiah's Coming ?

    Do most Jewish People Still Anticipate a Messiah's Coming ? Or is it considered a sort of tired worn out myth by most / some Jews whose time and opportunity for fulfillment has come and gone ? I do know a few Jewish people casually but I have never brought up the subject with them. I am guessing...
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    Is President Biden's Dire Warning Of America Becoming A "Racial Jungle" Creating More White Supremacists Like Himself ?

    What responsibility does President Biden have in dog whistling these White Supremacist battle cries concerning America becoming a " Racial Jungle " in the current epidemic of young white supremacists ?
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    Does Biden's Angry " You Kids Get Off Of My Lawn " Response To Being Caught Help / Hurt Him ?

    It has become a well established pattern with Joe that whenever he has painted himself in a corner & created a hanging slow pitch for reporters to go after in terms of pointing out his previous either being uninformed or lying he retracts into his angry old man character that furiously wants to...
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    Why Don't U.S. Socialists Understand That Total Government Power & Total Authoritarian Control Cannot Coexist With Freedom ?

    It's not like history is not filled with step by step instructions of exactly how to institute and maintain total mandated compliance of the populace . How is it they still do not know what is required ?
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    Youngkin + Trump = Russian Election Collusion Connection & This Will Not Stand !

    This criminal miscarriage of the electoral process that has resulted in our being beaten like a borrowed mule is not over . It will not stand. All our best & brightest, most ethical prosecutors are standing by, just waiting on their court orders, wire taps to be issued, based on firm evidence...
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    We Can Still Win, Northy Will Send The FBI In To Interview Targeted Staff Of Youngkin's

    See the FBI notes from Michael Flynn's fateful interview at the White House It's a proven method of Hamstringing an incoming administration , and may even be happening this very minute . Let's Go Northy ! And get the wiretaps too while you are at it .
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