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    Dam the Fram (Strait Between Iceland and Greenland)! Stop Climate Change Now!

    Immediate and dramatic policy changes are needed to stop the destruction of the world from climate change. I recommend. Levy a huge carbon tax and a tax on solar and wind energy about 75% of the level of the carbon tax. Use the proceeds to build a huge dam across the Fram Strait connecting...
  2. J

    Climate Change and Atlantification of Arctic - Warming Has Been Ongoing for Over 100 Years

    See fascinating articles, Rapid Atlantification along the Fram Strait at the beginning of the 20th century and Arctic Ocean has been ‘Atlantifying’ for at least a century. A similar article appeared in today's New York Times,This Ocean Invaded Its Neighbor Earlier Than Anyone Thought, but is...
  3. J

    Opposition to Fluoridation - Haunting Similarities to Vaccine Debates?

    An article published by US National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health focused on a debate during the 1950's and 1960's about the fluoridation of water. Excerpts from the article show a haunting similarity to recent similar debates about the Covid-19 vaccines. Doesn't...
  4. J

    Why Such Senseless Crime/ - The Psychology of Urban Violence

    Today’s newspaper featured a heart rending story of an 18-year-old boy in Texas who shot and wounded three students, one of them critically (link), and one of whom declined medical attention. Of course, is very hard to interview these people because once they are arrested, they cannot really...
  5. J

    Revived Jewish Communities in Recife, Brazil, and Glimpses of ‘Lost Tribe’ Jewish Communities in India and Myanmar

    Link to underlying article: Glimpses of ‘Lost Tribe’ Jewish Communities in India and Myanmar. Excerpt: There are other Jewish communities that have interesting pasts as well. See Recife Journal; A Brazilian City Resurrects Its Buried Jewish Past. Excerpt: I have always been fascinated by...
  6. J

    Latest Climate Hysteria - Greenland Gets Snow and Lots of It!

    Hurricane Larry Brings Snow to Parts of Greenland and (no paywall) Hurricane Larry Thinks It's a Blizzard. Excerpt from Times article: Snow in Greenland! Who would have thunk it? Maybe if we all stop driving the weather would conform to thirty-year rolling "normal" conditions. See What Exactly...
  7. J

    Is a Return to Colonialism Needed - Afghanistan and Haiti Events Sure Make it Seem So

    A New York Times front page last week makes depressing reading. The headlines, with one exception, about the collapse of the Afghan government and Taliban takeover, and the earthquake in Haiti. Both are countries without governments in any sense that we would recognize or understand. For a...
  8. J

    The Futility of Masking and Distancing or Need deer wear masks?

    Need deer wear masks? See The coronavirus is rife in common US deer - Nature. In other news, the CDC posted Confirmation of COVID-19 in Two Pet Cats in New York. Also, 8 big cats confirmed tested positive for coronavirus at NY zoo. Fortunately, apparently, Coronavirus can infect cats — dogs...
  9. J

    Boston Public Schools Suspend Honors Program - Too Many Whites & Asians cited as reason (illegal, statistics)

    The linked article below should be cause for concern. Shorn of bureaucratic and educational jargon, this means that successful students should be held down to the level of students in single-parent homes, multiple siblings, no discipline and utter chaos. See linked article, excerpts below...
  10. J

    The Kindergarten Exodus; Blue State Lockdowns Worsen Gap Between Poor and Well-to-Do (public schools, grades)

    The Kindergarten Exodus (link) was sparked by the closure of schools during the pandemic, and continuing through last year. Excerpt from article: Quote: Originally Posted by New York Times...
  11. J

    Dead child, four children removed from parent, isn't anyone curious??

    Dead child, four children removed from parent, isn't anyone curious? A 7-Year-Old Dies in the Bronx, and Records Show a History of Abuse (link). Child Protective Services was involved with the "family" of Julissia Batties from birth. Four other children were previously removed. Julissia, a one...
  12. J

    Inability to Discuss Suicide and Get Help Without Serious Risk

    A recent article, Teen who jumped to death from Vessel was laughing with sister before leap, guard says (link), discussed a public restaurant that has become a "suicide magnet." Teachers, medical professionals, clergy or just about any helper other than a 14 year old peer is a "mandated...
  13. J

    Over-sensitivity about "racism"

    I just received an acrid "rep" on another forum. I had guessed that the acronym "WASP" stood for "White Anglo-Saxon Protestant" which made sense in the context of the thread. Indeed, this definition is widespread. See, e.g., White Anglo-Saxon Protestants - Wikipedia. See also second definition...
  14. J

    Thoughts on the Gain and Loss of Friends and Friendship

    I was not popular as a child. Through age 14, I always had at least one or two friends, but I was subject to what we would now call “bullying” and was then considered “hazing” or “picking on people.” This hit a nadir in Ninth Grade, Spring Semester 1972 and the first half of summer camp, summer...
  15. J

    Thoughts on an Imminent Passing of a Colleague’s Father

    I do not like feeling this way, but I do. Let’s call my colleague “Jon.” I have worked for “Robert” since 1986, with one minor and only partial interruption. Bob’s and my relationship, especially through 1998, was often stormy . Jon was hired in 1990, partially with my input. He is six years...
  16. J

    Temperature Checks - A Covid Precaution Worthy of Keeping

    Even as the Covid hysteria blessedly fades into the mists of history, a few precautions are worth keeping. One of them is widespread taking of temperatures. There is no social value served by feverish, contagious people sickening others, even if not infected with Covid-19.
  17. J

    Electric Cars Are Not Particularly Green - Blowing Up Mountain Not Environmental Virtue

    The article, The Lithium Gold Rush: Inside the Race to Power Electric Vehicles in the far from "denier" New York Times (link), points out that there is much environmental damage from manufacturing electirc automobiles. An excerpt from the article states: While the U.S.'s pall-mall race towards...
  18. J

    Is there such a thing as “too much anti-racism”? Cornell and prestigious private school in NYC (and Biden Administration)

    The murder of George Floyd and similar incidents have led to an epidemic of breast-beating an hair-shirt wearing. It has to stop before we destroy not only education, but any hope for racial healing. Remember, Derek Chauvin, not the U.S., Brearly School or Cornell University killed Derek...
  19. J

    Will Joe Biden Make the Ten Greatest President's List?

    So far my list is: George Washington; Abe Lincoln; Harry Truman; Theodore Roosevelt Ronald Reagan; Donald Trump; Andrew Jackson; James K. Polk; John Adams; and Bill Clinton; Nine and ten are tied in my opinion. Which one will have to move over for President Joe Biden?
  20. J

    Covid Shaming - Is This the Canada I Thought I Knew and Loved?

    I can't believe this is happening in 21st Century Canada, Positive Coronavirus Test? Canadians Worry Their Neighbors Will Find Out. This is the equivalent of 18th Century tarring and feathering, or 19th Century riding a person out of town on a rail. Why? Excerpts: Is this real? Is this the...
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