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    My appeal to the american people

    MY APPEAL TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Someone for whom I have a lot respect a love – a senior friend of mine – has asked me to write this letter to you, the American People… He is a businessman who has done business with you for years in the past and is still full of positive energy and...
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    Zzzzzzzzzing ?

    FETHULLAH GÜLEN Who Is Fethullah Gulen? by Claire Berlinski, City Journal Autumn 2012 - He was a simple preacher...Where did he find the money to open up the religion schools all over the world, - How come he got a U.S. permit to live in a protected villa Pensilvania with his team? - Seems...
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    Fat + sleepy human rights organization ?

    TÜRKISH JOURNALISTS ARE IN JAIL ALREADY FOR 4 YEARS and Human Rights team is in a deep sleep ! According to a recent report published by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), entitled “Turkey’s Press Freedom Crisis,” there are 76 journalists in prison in Turkey. Sixty-one of them are...
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