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  1. Asi

    who is the worse president in our history?

    I wasn't even alive then, but I will agree this time. Thank God for Ronald Reagan Indeed
  2. Asi

    What would have been the history ...

    Possibly the Germans would had to fight a Guerrilla war in the Soviet Union? Germany would have likely won the war without U.S. intervention, but I doubt they could have kept up the German Reich for more than 30 years, especially after Hitler either died or was deposed
  3. Asi

    FCC and the Bill or Rights

    I am by no means a scholar on the Constitution, but it seems to me the existance of a government sponsored body that tells people what they can and cannot say (FCC) defies the Constitution. I don't remember the line that speaks about our freedom of speech "as long as it isn't one of those four...
  4. Asi

    Separation Of Liberal Hype And State

    Its simply a front of the war to transform the USA into Oceania. The sad thing is, I get to see most of my friends submit to the will of the conformist "non-conformist" crowd. I wish i could join them all in fantasy land, where a guy wearing make-up playing a guitar tells me what to think.
  5. Asi

    World War 3

    as for preventing WWIII, it's probably impossible, war happens in cycles, and thanks to global interdependency, war now happens in World Cycles. My guess on how it starts: China invades Republic of China, the USA sticks to her guns and defends ROC, China strikes USA, NATO attacks China, Russia...
  6. Asi

    who is the worse president in our history?

    I agree that we should at least wait before Bush is out of office before we analyze his perfomance in office. Interestingly enough, U.S. involvement in any war we have been involved in can be justified as some under the democratic peace theory. However, I submit that Franklin Pierce may have...
  7. Asi

    Why our entire election process is in need of an overhaul

    Maybe if we simply made politicians go through a annual evaluation and based next years salary off how well they represented those that elected them, there would be some improvement. Although most of 'em are filthy rich already...Maybe bad performers get a paintball barrage to the groin?:shock:
  8. Asi

    Our greatest invention hasn't yet been built

    considering that the progress of technology on this planet has since what we can record, been, for lack of a better word, exponential, it can also be argued that since all inventions eventually become outdated, that man's greatest invention has been invented again and again, we will invent the...
  9. Asi

    Who Do You Want in Power?

    this may sound insane, but I would like to see the citizens in power...of course that would require that someone in this country get off their ***, so in place of that, I say we find a new Napoleon and let him run things for a while
  10. Asi

    should public schools allow fighting

    should fighting be allowed in schools? of course not, if it were, all civil debate would end in a brawl. BUT, should non-violence be preached and recited disredarding individual circumstances? of course not. a common example, one student threatens and then takes a swing at another, who then...
  11. Asi

    Che Guevara: Hero or thug?

    Whether Che was hero or thug is not the reason why he is so idolized. The simple truth is, teenagers are bloody stupid (i would know im 17, and dumb as hell to boot) and if it's cool to not care about the U.S. then hating it is the quickest way to sound smart without knowing jack, (which sadly...
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