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    Report: Suicidal troops sent into combat

    That figure of 22 was only for last year
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    Chavez in London

    No sure about an asskissing but he will certainly get a better reception than Bush...
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    Former president Clinton bests Bush in honesty poll

    Bush makes the wrong decisions about war and peace..clinton makes the wrong decisions about sex and cigars...
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    Do you think that sexual pedophiles that prey on children should be executed?

    and let even more innocent people through the net...
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    CNN Down Fox most respected

    I suppose that is if you count blair as left or right... Only joking i see your point...
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    Wikipedia - valid source ?

    I saw a recent article in the Independent (british newspaper) which had people at the top of their fields review wikipedia articles on subjects within their field. The poet laurette reviewed the entry the philip larkin entry, Dr Robert Winston reviewed the IVF entry, Anne Widdicombe reviewed the...
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    2008 Election

    Not really liking the choices...I would like Mark Warner to get the dem nomination...
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    Why is the GOP in trouble?

    So every decision should based on getting the most votes?
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    Politics in Germany

    Which england are going to win of course. Another question: Who do u vote for...and why?
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    CNN Down Fox most respected

    I think that the problem with most of the US news networks, and to some extent some of the UK's is that they are not news at all, they are not information, they are infortainment. They pander to their viewers and distort on both left and right. Its just not what i am looking in my news. I want...
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    Poll for Women Only!

    why can't men who like men participate???
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    CNN Down Fox most respected

    I can't say i have ever noticed it but that doesn't mean that it isn't there... I don't really watch sky..its seems to be in the vaguely right wing-popularist section of the media along with the Sun newspaper (also murdoch)
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    World Opinion?

    and what country is that...
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    CNN Down Fox most respected

    Just to throw my 2 cents in here..... I believe that most of the news networks are biased in the states. Fox is biased towards the right and CNN towards the left. I just get more annoyed about it when i watch fox because i am to the left. In the UK we get the biggest audience for terrestial TV...
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    World Opinion?

    My sentiments exactly...
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    Bush says brother Jeb would make "great president"

    Re: *Jeb Bush Gets the Presidential Nod* Another Bush is a much scarier thought than another Bush. It might be refreshing to see a lady president...
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    Student Sues Wake School Officials Over Suspension For Having Sex

    That is absolutly ridiculous..as is the case we are discussing at the moment. From my point of view the school has no right
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    Do we need men like this running our jails and law enforcement?

    No i would fall somewhere between the situation we are in now and what this guy is doing. But i would def. have a level headed person in charge not this mentalist!
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    Do we need men like this running our jails and law enforcement?

    I don't want either. Just because i don't like one extreme doesn't mean i want to go to the other....
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    Do we need men like this running our jails and law enforcement?

    i saw one of the guys on TV and he didn't seem like a particulary nice person who was doing these things out of some weird pleasure. Not the sort of person i want running anything!
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