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    China envoy's trip to Taiwan still on despite attack

    Still, I'd rather have them protest than not. It's a demonstration of free speech.
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    China to Ban Mimes

    Poisonous milk is ok, but mimes? this is unbelievable.
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    Top 10% pay 50% of taxes and own 80% of the total weath

    People respond to incentives. If the state started taxing unusued property everything would become liquid, and the market would be much more volatile.
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    Is Swine Flu the Real Threat?

    No one has really died in the US, and it's just a huge hype. Several high schools in my district were closed because one person caught the flu, but there's no huge pandemic. I doubt it even spreads easily from human to human. All the infected were returning from Mexico.
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    Do You Have a Sexual Fetish?

    I have the same fetish that the character James Spader played in Boston Legal had. That is all.
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    Would you like to see political polls abolished?

    Of course I would like to see political polls be abolished, they're one of the most insidious entities in a democratic republic, but not by the government, out of sheer principle.
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    Ron Paul: a man's home is his castle, but a woman's body is government property.

    But they should be able to shouldn't they? I mean what happened to equal rights? 1069 I find it extremely ironic that you're demonizing the fetus as a parasite and yet you find enough sympathy to openly support the parasitic system called the welfare state. The least you can do is be consistent.
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    Source: Palestinian leader dissolves government amid infighting

    Hamas burning, looting homes; rounding up weapons | Jerusalem Post Lovely quote, all evidence confirms that this is civil war. Fatah officials[in Gaza] are being executed one by one. I've got a video of Hamas fighters parading over the corpse of a dead Fatah militant, I wonder if it's okay if I...
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    What do you like best about your country?

    Don't have much time right now, so I'll be succinct and pithy. I love the country I live in for its capitalism, its culture of efficiency, and its incredible diversity. I immigrated from a culture that until recently had none of these things.
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    There's a Holocaust Happening in China, Doctors Warn

    I'm Chinese and I despite the current government in control in China, but this hardly constitutes a "holocaust". Unjust? Yes. Inhuman? Yes, but this has nothing to do with Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has lifted hundreds of thousands if not millions of Chinese peasants out of poverty with their demand for...
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    The fall of the dollar..

    That will only worsen the situation. I'm assuming you meant the federal debt, because the trade deficit cannot be "paid" in that gait. If the US government reduces spending and actually have a surplus, it will only alleviate the crowding effect, increasing the supply of US dollars in the...
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    Record low for euro jobless rate

    Again, what accounts for the real change? Afaik there has been no economic liberalization in Europe. The only factor that can account for the growth of exports and lower PPI is the influx of cheap labor from the East, once that is over so will the sanguine atmosphere. If the French want change...
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    Consumption Tax - Expenditure

    Why not distribute this burden more equally? The higher supply of loanable funds means that you will get less return on your investment, in terms of purchasing assets of a corporation. That effect would not be able to offset the impact of a lower interest rate. The MPS increases but the decrease...
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    Record low for euro jobless rate

    It may be a normal part of the political business cycle; there's nothing to be optimistic about seeing that this occurrence lacks any policy change to account for the decrease in unemployment. If Segolene becomes elected you're going to see unemployment skyrocket again in France.
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    German backing for US anti-missile shield

    I'm not sure why Russia would grown apprehensive over a few anti-missile defense launchers, I'm sure they're cognizant of the fact that such scant defense is no where near capable of stopping even a small fraction of their nuclear arsenal. They know that we can't be too candid about the real...
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    Consumption Tax - Expenditure

    A plurality of tax revenue from the US government comes from the income tax. This creates a situation for the upper and upper middle class where the marginal tax rate becomes the marginal tax rate for saving, as they have enough to consume and put the rest in the market for loanable funds...
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    Consumption Tax - Expenditure

    Increase supply of loanable funds increases net capital outflow, increasing net export. Lay off with the strawmen will you? I never suggested anyting remotely closed to government mandated eugenics, I'm simply saying other people should not be forced to subsidize the incompetency of others. She...
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    Consumption Tax - Expenditure

    She should have planned ahead, insuring herself an education capable of supporting a child before squeezing one out. She has no right to pilfer from the coffers of others. Benefits of a consumption tax include lowering our trade deficit, reducing risks of a national crisis in case of foreign...
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    Lou Dobbs On The Trade Deficit

    Give me an example of a trade policy that purportedly lowers our trade deficit. Tariffs? Quotas? Your pick. You can't change the laws of economics, unless you redesign human nature. Trade Policy Analysis no. 2. America's Maligned and Misunderstood Trade Deficit | Cato's Center for Trade...
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    What should we do to convicted child molesters/rapist?

    The sentences should be mostly ad hoc, for example a 20 year old can have a sexual relationship with a 16 year old and be castigated a "child molester", which would be a scurrilous label. However if it's true rape(excluding statutory) or an adult with a pre-pubescent child, I would agree with...
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