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    Regulation of Cell Phone Use

    "In recent years, the number of websites offering “cell jammers” or similar devices designed to block communications and create a “quiet zone” in vehicles, schools, theaters, restaurants, and other places has increased substantially. While these devices are marketed under different names, such...
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    Editorial Concerning Police Today

    This is an editorial from the conservative Washington Times. Some of it I agree with, some I disagree with. "Cooperation between residents and cops is indeed a key to preventing an us-versus-them attitude from growing on both sides of the badge. President Obama has spent his presidency fanning...
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    Ironic Catch-22

    My bank was bought out by a bigger bank so I'm dealing with new guys. I asked if they had an email address for customer service for people with physical problems that prevent using a phone. The politely responded with the 1-800 phone number. So, I was doing a little research on the law and went...
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    Sowell Nails it Again

    "Some of us this election year don't even want to say the words "Clinton" or "Trump" -- and with good reason. However, there is one word that we should keep in mind: "Turnout." If we sit home in disgust on election day, we forfeit the right -- and the duty -- to elect a Congress that can keep...
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    Poll of Public

    "After a sustained onslaught of negative publicity, you would think that Americans had lost faith in the police, but a recent poll in Philadelphia gives some insights on the regard ordinary people really have for the men and women in blue. In the city of Brotherly Love, a whopping 72 percent of...
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    Twitter Drug Arrests

    "A barrage of tweets and videos by a self-proclaimed “cannabis connoisseur” led to the arrest of one man and warrants for at least three others on charges of money laundering, tax evasion and illegal distribution of marijuana. "Larimer County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested Loveland resident...
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    Pentagon demands return of cash bonuses paid to California soldiers for going to war

    "The Pentagon is seeking to recover decade-old reenlistment bonuses paid to thousands of California Army National Guard soldiers to go fight in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Los Angeles Times reported Saturday. The paper reported that nearly 10,000 soldiers, many of whom risked their lives during...
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    Flash Mob Again

    "NATICK (CBS) — A group of thieves stole over $13,000 in iPhones from the Apple store in the Natick Mall in a “flash mob” robbery. Natick Police Lt. Cara Rossi said a group of seven teens were only in the store for less than one minute, but were able to steal 19 phones."...
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    None of the Above[W:97]

    This year is a great year to consider whether or not ballots should include a "None of the Above" as a choice. If "None of the Above" gets a plurality then the position isn't filled until another election is held. So, what's your vote for the idea?
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    Voted today...wish I still drank

    I have voted in every presidential election since 1964. I never voted more than once in any election. I have never felt so discouraged and depressed over a vote as I do this year. I couldn't vote for either of the two front runners. I done for another four years and I seriously hope America, as...
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    Party Allegiance

    I see posts about "if you're a Democrat" or "if you're a Republican" but I'm not sure what makes you one of the other. It is not party registration. I just completed my absentee ballot. One race, as an example, was for the District Attorney and there was one name. That's it. If you don't belong...
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    Ethics/Corruption Forum

    There was recently a survey that showed people in America being concerned about political corruption. We constantly see aethical politicians in office or running for office. When they're caught, they skate if they're the right party and have enough juice. Totally aethical people move up in our...
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    Voting Today

    I have to vote mostly because my grandfather told me it was one of the responsibilities of a citizen. But, in the fifty-four years I've been voting I've never wanted to forget about it as much as I do now. Don't get me wrong. I wasn't happy with the choice of McCain or Obama and I wasn't happy...
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    Non-Partisan Agencies

    Some federal agencies that have enjoyed a reputation as honest and non-partisan have sunk into the mire of being Democrat operatives. One, although never popular, that was respected as impartial was the IRS. That is gone the way with Louis Lerner pleading the fifth, her hard drive being...
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    Alabama Teen Beaten--critical

    Deleted--double post
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    Alabama Teen Beaten--critical

    "A 17-year-old Alabama high school student is in critical condition after being assaulted this weekend." Teen Beaten Into Critical Condition For Pro-Police Post | The Daily Caller "Ogle’s mother, Brandi Allen, told police she believes the assault occurred after he posted a pro-police message to...
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    Hillary Clinton: Nasty Campaign Rhetoric ‘Breaks My Heart’

    "Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton explained to a crowd in Des Moines, Iowa that she was disturbed by all the negativity surrounding the election. “It breaks my heart to see all the mean spirited, divisive, bigoted things that are being said in our country,” she said, placing her...
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    Spam...the edible kind

    When I was a kid we sometimes had Spam sandwiches and it was popular when cooking in the woods. Fried in a skillet and it was pretty tasty. I learned that they loved it in Hawaii but most people seemed to be snooty about Spam. Then I met my dearest friend ever. She was a Brit and spent the...
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    Nice guys and others

    "One lucky couple got a huge surprise when actor Tom Hanks crashed their wedding photos." http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2016/09/26/photographer-captures-moment-tom-hanks-crashes-wedding.html Tom Hanks seems like as nice guy. It's great to see a decent guy in Hollywood. Of course, when...
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    Voter Fraud in Colorado

    "Local officials in Colorado acknowledged "very serious" voter fraud after learning of votes cast in multiple elections under the named of recently-deceased residents. A local media outlet uncovered the fraud by comparing voting history databases in the state with federal government death...
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