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  1. PerryLogan

    Going Back in Time

    YouTube - Going Back in Time
  2. PerryLogan

    World of Ick

    YouTube - World of Ick
  3. PerryLogan

    Killer Nazi Republican Zombies from Mars

    YouTube - Killer Nazi Republican Zombies from Mars
  4. PerryLogan


    Come to beautiful Wingnutania, where right-wing policies are strictly enforced, and everyone will be dead within a week. YouTube - Wingnutania
  5. PerryLogan

    PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ! If you call yourself American.

    None other than Thomas Jefferson warned against constitution-worship: -- Thomas Jefferson, on reform of the Virginia Constitution Some New Year's Bubbles: YouTube - Bubbles
  6. PerryLogan


    A disquisition on the Republicans' inordinate love of bubbles: YouTube - Bubbles
  7. PerryLogan

    Inviting our Liberal Bretheren to put up or shut up.

    If Brooks' contention were true, poor people would always vote Republican. Or are they too stupid to know who their real friends are? Discuss.
  8. PerryLogan

    George Bush's "Midnight Regulations" surpass Clinton's!

    Thing is, the Clinton regulations were good for the country: GWB's regulations, by contrast, are entirely evil It's one of those "difference between night and day" things. ;)
  9. PerryLogan

    Republicans Bring Socialism to America

    As John Kenneth Galbraith said, “Milton Friedman’s misfortune is that his economic policies have been tried.” This is a common paradox. The imposition of right-wing economic policies--deregulation, privatization, tax cuts for the rich--almost invariably leads to socialism. It was the forced...
  10. PerryLogan

    650 scientists to denounce global warming at the U.N.

    Needless to say, this is a complete fraud: Deltoid: 650 international scientists? Err, not exactly.
  11. PerryLogan

    The Anti-Federalists Were Right.

    The Industrial Revolution effectively made the Federalists an anachronism of history. You just can't run a 21st-century nation on 18th century rules. "Some men look at constitutions with sanctimonious reverence, and deem them like the ark of the Covenant, too sacred to be touched. They ascribe...
  12. PerryLogan

    And now...Ann Coulter with her Jaw Wired Shut

    YouTube - Ann Coulter with her Jaw Wired Shut
  13. PerryLogan

    So what will the SCOTUS so on the 5th?

    He kicked their asses, fair and square. That's an unforgivable sin for the Right. For this sin, they will badmouth Obama till they die.
  14. PerryLogan

    When are the traitors leaving?

    I used to go around debunking 9/11 conspiracy theories...but then I got bored. I got bored because everything the Truthers ever claimed has been thoroughly debunked--but the Truthers simply ignore the debunkings and go on trucking. When someone debunks the Truthers, they just say it was a "hit...
  15. PerryLogan

    Lets discuss Obama's cabinet choices

    Dear President Obama, Please consider me for the position of "token liberal" on your cabinet. I promise to stay quiet and not make too much trouble. ;) YouTube - Going Bonkers
  16. PerryLogan

    Atheists take aim at Christmas

    I thank God every day for atheists. :) If it weren't for the atheists, Christian loonies would long ago have shoved crosses down everyone's throat and up everyone's wazzoo. YouTube - Going Bonkers
  17. PerryLogan

    Jefferson looses re-election

    Then why did they elect the guy 9 bloody times? Given the batting average of Louisiana voters, we can only imagine how bad the new guy is. ;)
  18. PerryLogan

    How I lost $275 on the Presidential Election

    The Right must have had a meeting and decided that Jimmy Carter is the devil. But the people who say Jimmy Carter is so terrible voted twice for The Worst President Ever™, so we can safely disregard their opinions. For the record, historians rate Jimmy around 24 or so amongst the...
  19. PerryLogan

    Why America Was Ready For Obama

    Here's a disturbing thought. If Karl Rove had decided to flip this election for McCain, we would be reading articles explaining why America was NOT ready for Obama!
  20. PerryLogan

    Lets discuss Obama's cabinet choices

    So... Were the Republicans lying--or just terribly confused--when they said, over and over again, that Obama is a socialist and a Marxist? Discuss.
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