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    "Logical Thinking" Kills homosexuals

    Honestly, this thread has nothing I hoped to find from the title. I am utterly disapointed. I was expecting a wity quip about how logistics can be used to find a "homo killer" as I'm sure you are your right wing, bible beating buddies would say. The only homosexual in this thread is you Shamgar.
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    Medical Marijuana?

    The biggest problem with the Feds arresting people even though they are protected under stated law is that it is aginst the constitution. There is nothing about marijuana possesion in the US Constitution so it should be up to the states. The states have voted and the government didn't like it.
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    The US Governments position on Drugs.

    Illegal drugs are illegal because after being used as perscription drugs and a few people overdosed and died, they made them illegal. Perscription drugs kill more people than all illegal drugs. Most to the youth today do take drugs because of the cool factor instead of the enlightenment that...
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    Is it "christian" to bomb Abortion Clinics?

    To keep this thread on "your" track. I'm for the death penalty because prisons are overcroweded... you didn't expect me to have a MORAL reason, did you?
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    The US Governments position on Drugs.

    How can the government rail on innocent and non-harmful drugs such as cannabis and endorse perscription drugs that have ingrediants that can destroy the body?
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    Is it "christian" to bomb Abortion Clinics?

    The way I see it, the bible says murder is wrong. And that all sin is universal. End.
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