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    "Biden can only enter the White House if......

    The disputed claim is disputed. Big tech is in the tank for he left. Zuckerberg gave millions to the democrat fund.
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    New video shows poll workers violating Georgia election law

    Video is pretty clear but of course those involved investigated themselves and said they found nothing. LOL.
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    Barr Says Justice Dept. Has Not Seen Evidence of Fraud That Would Undo Biden’s Win

    If you think they haven't produced evidence you haven't kept up or you refuse to acknowledge the evidence. Tech specialist, signed affidavits by whistleblowers, video tape of mystery ballots appearing and being counted after hours. Yes none of the officials who took part in the count have...
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    Barr Says Justice Dept. Has Not Seen Evidence of Fraud That Would Undo Biden’s Win

    Have you kept up with the evidence presented to support election fraud? There is substantial evidence to support intentional tampering with both votes and with tabulations.
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    The average American is 8 times more likely to die of Covid in the next month...

    I didn't think the topic mattered any more than the post since you didn't give the numbers to back up your claim. Chicago is a shooting gallery and the number of shootings and murders is ridiculous. For some reason the democrats who control Chicago don't seem to have a problem with all the...
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    Judge orders restoration of DACA, opening immigration program to new applicants for first time since 2

    The liberal judges ruling will just get challenged in another court. One liberal doesn't need to be making rulings about EO's that are unlawful and over reach the power of the executive office. It will eventually wind up in the Supreme Court again and now with a 5-4 majority, ( I don't...
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    Biden Says Trump Should Attend His Inauguration

    The democrats fabricating the Russian Collusion story is about as divisive as you can get, unless you think the Ukrainian phone call impeachment tops Collusion. The mess started with democrat fake accusations because they were mad about Trump winning.
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    The average American is 8 times more likely to die of Covid in the next month...

    Eight times more likely than what? Since Anntifa seem to always be wearing a mask have any of them gotten Covid?
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    LOL Biden claimed that he would make wearing masks and the vaccine mandatory, but just wimped out like an old fool

    You mean you beleived those lies Biden was spreading during the campaign? Wow I didn't think anyone believed that crap.
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    Federal Court Destroys Sidney Powell's "Arguments"

    The evidence is overwhelming but the crooked swamp of Trump haters, democrats and crooks will not admit it nor investigate because they would loose the election they stole.
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    How long will it be before Biden screws up the US economy

    I listened to a liberal economic guest on fox today talk about what a bad state of affairs the economy is in. This after another 265,000 new jobs in November and the unemployment rate falling more down to 6.7 I believe. More jobs and lower umemployment at the fastest rate on record and he...
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    Should we change the judicial system?

    The Breonna Taylor killing was totally different from your other examples. A person in the act of committing a crime and who resists arrest or physically assaults a police officer is not an innocent. Try surrendering to police, following police instruction and don't flee or assault police...
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    Why the GOP needs to lose both Ga seats

    Hogwash. What we need is rid of democrats like Nancy Pelosi who said this week that she is now ready to accept a much smaller covid relief bill. When asked why she was now ok with a much smaller bill she stated, "because now we have a new president". Now that is about as shameless as it...
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    No Matter Who Wins The Electoral College Must Go Bye Bye

    The electoral system is fine, it works as intended. It is designed to protect all states and ensure they have a voice.
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    The Liberal Way Of Handling Covid

    Lock everyone down, ruin their businesses, cost folks their jobs, and all the while if you made the rules you can ignore the rules and continue about your elitist lifestyle as you please.
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    Biden wanst us to wear masks our masks for 100 days beginning on “Day One” January 20, 2021

    It's funny that he thinks 100 days will fix what 300 didn't. It's also coming to light that the "science" has been wrong about most everything. Masks apparently haven't worked too well because we are in a huge surge according to the democrats and the experts.
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    Pouty Don to Boycott Inauguration

    Did you post this type of response regarding all the democrats who boycotted the Trump inauguration? I somehow doubt it. Democrats outrage is usually very one sided.
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    Nashville nurse shot and killed while driving to work

    If it was planned as one of your suggestions states the killer would have just waited until the appropriate time and stabbed her or bashed her head in. Guns aren't the prpblem, the people holding the gun are.
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    Surprise, Surprise (in voce Gomer Pyle).....the new AL Senator's (R, of course) a complete idiot.

    Hitler hated the communist party and their leadership. The policies that communist implemented were not too far from what Hitler did in Germany with the Nazi's. Here are the Communist plans for America, many were very similar to things Hitler did and the democrats today are doing...
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