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  1. Mach

    Briefing 3/30/3030

    underway. I desperately wish these were about leadership and information, and not a campaign rally.
  2. Mach

    Democrats introduce two articles of impeachment against Trump

    They will vote on this in Judiciary later this week, before it's potentially brought to a full House vote. Democrats introduce two articles of impeachment against Trump - CNNPolitics I thought Schiff's speech was well done and compelling at the end. Of course, I believe part of the country...
  3. Mach

    How a Ukrainian Oligarch Wanted by U.S. Authorities Helped Giuliani Attack Biden

    How a Ukrainian Oligarch Wanted by U.S. Authorities Helped Giuliani Attack Biden Ukrainian Oligarch Dmitry Firtash Linked to Trump'''s Circle | Time Saw some of this last night. Lots of dots connected, if you're at all curious about what's going on with Biden, Rudy, Trump, Fox news, and the...
  4. Mach

    Trumps crack anti-corruption team- Felons!

    So Trump and Rudy, and right wing propaganda, would have you believe that Trump/Rudy were working on anti-corruption. And yet, only Biden and trying to find evidence to hurt the Russia-hacked-the-DNC narrative was asked for. If that wasn't enough, look at his crack team of corruption fighters...
  5. Mach

    A Judge Wants Assurances The Administration Won't Destroy Records About Trump's Calls With Foreign L

    A Judge Wants Assurances The Administration Won't Destroy Records About Trump's Calls With Foreign Leaders. The Justice Department Is Hesitating. Not really working how it should? Government Watchdog Lawsuit Seeks To Force Trump To Preserve Records Of All Calls With Foreign Leaders
  6. Mach

    Fact check: Trump falsely claims whistleblower rules changed just before Ukraine complaint

    The right wing talking point circulating in an attempt to defend Trump in the Trump/Ukraine Corruption scandal has been debunked, and now also debunked by the IC IG specifically as an official News Release. Noting of course that even as misinformation, it was irrelevant...the transcript and...
  7. Mach

    Pre-Poll: Will Trump Attend 2020 Debates against Democrats?

    Wife and I were discussing this last night. Will Donald Trump attend moderated debates with the Democratic nominee before the next election? I said obviously he will..he loves a brawl and loves being on TV, and would hate to be called a coward. But it was pointed out that he has opted not to...
  8. Mach

    Trump re-election machine

    Trump's re-election juggernaut: An inside look - CNNPolitics I found this article interesting. Highlights: 1. Trump chose to commit to re-election hours after inauguration. No other president has done that...they often wait a year or more. This re-election machine never stopped after...
  9. Mach

    Political operative in North Carolina election upended by fraud allegations is arrested, charged

    Political operative in North Carolina election upended by fraud allegations is arrested, charged - Chicago Tribune This is what caused that election results in NC to be discarded, with Republican Mark Harris choosing not to run in the new election. McCrae has been doing this for years, and it...
  10. Mach

    We Now Know Trump ‘Committed a Felony’ Fox News' Judge Napolitano

    Well. When Fox news lays it out like that. While I suspected that was the case, he seems certain that it's necessarily the case. SDNY, you go left, House Dems take right, Mueller, you're with us straight down the middle? So what's their plan, sealed indictment? Try to toll it? Word is even...
  11. Mach

    Federal prosecutors in New York call for 'substantial term' in prison for Trump's ex-lawyer Michael

    https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/07/federal-prosecutors-file-sentencing-memo-for-ex-trump-lawyer-michael-cohen.html Harsher than I expected. Document here: https://sc.cnbcfm.com/applications/cnbc.com/resources/editorialfiles/2018/12/07/e3e0f7e0-dfbb-4b14-a1cf-654b9935f9d5.pdf
  12. Mach

    Trump Twitter Is This Normal?

    I never read Trump Twitter, I just read the excerpts that make the new. Is this a normal 24hr period? This looks insane.
  13. Mach

    Mueller looking into possible witness intimidation by Roger Stone: report

    https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/416719-mueller-looking-into-possible-witness-intimidation-by-roger-stone Stone's story is that Credico was his back-channel to wiki-leaks. Credico tells investigators that's not true, and that he's been threatened by Stone. I'm glad the mid-terms...
  14. Mach

    FOX and Republicans Aligned

    https://www.apnews.com/20f240baf06742c79de711d7e8580eb9 Question: Is this normal and healthy for our our nation? If not, what can be done about it? To me, this is as close to a root issue as we can legitimately go. (going further means looking at people's psychology, which I think is less...
  15. Mach

    Dems vow rules overhaul to empower members if House flips

    That's one of my top concerns for the next two elections (mid-terms and presidential). Fixing our absurdly broken rules that allowed the GOP to bend the nation over, because well...because honey badger don't care. And this is obviously going to affect everyone, and Dems are no stranger to...
  16. Mach

    Trump warns evangelicals of 'violence' if GOP loses in the midterms

    https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/28/politics/trump-evangelicals-midterms/index.html This party's rule by fear, goes too far.
  17. Mach

    New York state subpoenas Cohen in Trump Foundation probe

    https://apnews.com/72c5c19195f84abfaa42eaffe78d806a That was quick.
  18. Mach

    Does anything believe team-Trump on Russia, esp. the Trump Tower meeting?

    Giuliani is revealing what he says will soon break, that there was in fact a pre-Trump Tower meeting, where they discussed the Trump Tower meeting. Now he saying collusion isn't a crime, and that Trump didn't *attend* the meeting (which meeting? Who claimed he attended?) Of course, a...
  19. Mach

    Rand Paul makes no sense defending Trump

    What has gotten ridiculous? I mean, aside from Trump. There has never, ever been an unwanted break in any lines of communication with Russia. And any cold shoulder we give Russia, is on our terms, based on their behavior. We have all the power compared to Russia, we're not Russia's bitch...
  20. Mach

    Trump's goal for Putin meeting "Uh...I'll let you know after the meeting"

    Key takeaways from our commander in chief, on the verge of meeting with Putin right after the second official recognition and indictment of Putin-led operatives who are evidenced to have committed crimes against the U.S. 1. Trump claims he has absolutely no idea what goals he has for the...
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