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  1. CimpleMan

    Is progressivism for submissive personalities?

    Wasn't talking about you, sad you can't see who I was referring to.
  2. CimpleMan

    Is progressivism for submissive personalities?

    And I'm wary of those who can't see their own own faults, admit mistakes and take responsibility for them. I'm wary of individuals who have to lie, and only give a shit about themselves.
  3. CimpleMan

    Is progressivism for submissive personalities?

    For someone who seems to be afraid of big bad Liberals taking away your rights not sure you have standing to say who is weak and who is not. Look at all the Republicans who are scared to speak out against your leader, they seem pretty weak to us Liberals.
  4. CimpleMan

    Is progressivism for submissive personalities?

    Yeah, understand your position on progressives and progressivism. I'm just stating I don't seem them as weaklings.
  5. CimpleMan

    Is progressivism for submissive personalities?

    My point is they're willing to fight for what they believe in. They take a stand, they're willing to take risks. Taking the center square on every issue is more passive imo. Just don't seem them as weak.
  6. CimpleMan

    Is progressivism for submissive personalities?

    Progressives rail against billionaires, big corporations and huge industries. Don't see them scared of any fight.
  7. CimpleMan

    Is Trumpism officially a cult?

    Yeah, it's not Heaven's Gate level cultish of course, but believing nutty stuff, defending their leader no matter what and donating money to support the cause and their leader is cultlike. . It's fair say other leaders inspire cultlike behavior, but I've never been witness to the level as I've...
  8. CimpleMan

    Biden wanst us to wear masks our masks for 100 days beginning on “Day One” January 20, 2021

    At this point, if you're not already wearing a mask doubt Biden is going to convince anyone to start. If we could've just made the stupid stay home we would've managed this pandemic without as much death and economic fallout.
  9. CimpleMan

    All Aboard

    Was never a fan of him or his show. Bullshitters have always been easy for me to spot. Successful salesmen and con artists can be very convincing so don't blame anyone who fell hard for his act.
  10. CimpleMan

    What is single payer NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE

    We choose Universal Healthcare. We choose Universal Healthcare...We choose Universal Healthcare in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard; because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that...
  11. CimpleMan

    Roger Stone Says North Korean Boats Delivered Ballots Through Maine Harbor As Trump Boosts Fraud Claims

    Shit man, f**k.....we've let the nutters become mainstream.
  12. CimpleMan

    Ohio political group asks Trump to impose martial law, hold new election

    Thought about this today. Always thought it was ok for people to believe in bigfoot, loch ness, ghosts, and mermaids( or mermans for The Cabin in the Woods fans), but indulging them with shows and websites devoted to these myths kinda paved the way for all kinds beliefs detached from reality...
  13. CimpleMan

    Ohio political group asks Trump to impose martial law, hold new election

    Not sure if it's illusion or delusion with some Trumpers.
  14. CimpleMan

    Trump supporters: Do you admit that Trump is a liar?

    Everybody will lie or deceive on occasion, but most don't like to lie or deceive. Trump enjoys lying or deceiving, that's the difference I see between him most and the difference between him and previous recent Presidents.
  15. CimpleMan

    How long will Joe's honeymoon last?

    Many Republicans haven't acknowledged the marriage and many others who have already have filed for divorce. Lol
  16. CimpleMan


    Yes, I remember one of the owners was quite a character when interviewed on tv. Cigar and his win streak and Alysheba's battles with Bet Twice were classic. Be remiss if I didn't mention Secretariat imo the greatest of all time. Still enjoy rewatching his Belmont win.
  17. CimpleMan


    Yeah, remember Funny Cide, New York based, gelding so unfortunately no babies to follow in daddy's footsteps. California Chrome out ran is breeding to become a champion, ran his heart out in the Belmont even in defeat.
  18. CimpleMan


    I go by ceestizzy in one place in honor of my favorite racehorse Cee's Tizzy. He didn't have a long career but did sire Tiz Now two time winner of the Breeders Cup Classic. Don't quite remember why I latched on to him, but it could be his mother's name Cee's Song. Do love my music! Another...
  19. CimpleMan

    The left is snobbish

    Think everyone wants to believe they're superior in atleast one way and don't necessarily think it's bad people do or are superior in one or more ways. I do have an issue at times when someone treats another badly because their beiief they have a right to because they're superior. Do believe...
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