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  1. Mach

    No state has met 14-day drop in cases for reopening

    Why can't you post normal posts anymore Lutherf? Just this random cry baby buill****.
  2. Mach

    Today's news conference with med team & LA Gov. summary

    All of Trump's failed casinos and projects - not Trump's fault Trump's charity breaking the law and Trump banned from opening another Charity - not his fault Trump's fraud university, not his fault. Trump supporters undying support of Trump - not their fault...after all, judges!!
  3. Mach

    Flynn’s attorney is a farce

    Create absolutely stupid, baseless, laughable claim Watch right wing Trump supporters either believe it, or support it because they are corrupt When it fails miserably, blame [Democrats, Deep State, Media, anyone but the actual corrupt individual or organization] Claim victory, and wait for...
  4. Mach

    Post-apocalyptic/dystopic future fiction recommendations

    Hard for me to differentiate dystopian from sci-fi, I suppose I've read a lot of bad zombie books on kindle. Wool (as Cardinal notes), and the surrounding books, are indeed a good "classic" dystopian read. I am Legend (the original) Books that are sci-fi but also on some dystopian lists: Dune...
  5. Mach

    Former US Attorney Drops Two More Names of Democrats Facing Indictments, You’ll Never Guess Who

    Re: Former US Attorney Drops Two More Names of Democrats Facing Indictments, You’ll Never Guess Wh diGenova I stopped there.
  6. Mach

    3rd simple question

    Lying about material matters at any real job I've had, or created, is grounds for immediate termination. With regards to material work matters, never. An occasional white lie about looks or who annoys you...not so much. Lying about eating someone's food in the fridge...that's deplorable, maybe...
  7. Mach

    Do YOU Lie?

    Is this the best post for championing false equivalency? An entire thread on it...with a binary poll! This is too ****ing funny. Right wing media has corrupted reasoning...it's like we're pre-philosophy with some of these people (think before Ancient Greece).
  8. Mach

    Nervous Republicans See Trump Sinking, and Taking Senate With Him

    See joko, that's how we know you aren't serious. Trump lies AS PRESIDENT, to the American people, about important matters all day, every day, including political trash talk, siding with Putin on U.S. intelligence, etc. The idea that you oppose Democrats because of some "lies" is so stupid it...
  9. Mach

    How can responsible people vote for democrats?

    99.9% of the population according to LOP is "irresponsible". I think you beat Hillary's deplorable remark by a lot.
  10. Mach

    It's impossible ridicule Dirtbag's Cult better than it does to itself

    Yeah I edited my post seeing that too. I mean, big failures are often the result of compounded errors :) Numerology + math errors...I mean.. the math errors doesn't really hurt or help either way :P
  11. Mach

    It's impossible ridicule Dirtbag's Cult better than it does to itself

    It is indeed a challenge to warp a reasonable mind to the point of "understanding" this modern brand of right wing (mainstream) lunacy. I lament on this a lot as well. I can sometimes figure it out, but I'm still "surprised" every time...I can't really experience the crazy, only observe...
  12. Mach

    Dos Chris Hayes Challenge Schiff?

    Just as I said. You can't easily point to the long and torrid list of terrible, intentional, malevolent deeds of De Blasio that's in the national media, because most of us know nothing about him. Trump on the other hand, is the PRESIDENT, actually is in charge of the federal response, does in...
  13. Mach

    Dos Chris Hayes Challenge Schiff?

    Perspective. Out of dozens of legit arguments against Trump, I keep seeing this same De Blasio video in response. It's cherry-picked AND not about Trump..its a red herring. Reminds me of Trump's 20K lies (I lost track of what the current number is). Right wingers would say "but you can keep...
  14. Mach

    I'm getting really discouraged regarding the future

    Well, we live in a day and age where most people are staying safe. 100 years ago, people just died in the millions. So from a broader historical perspective, you won the lottery and are in a way more optimistic position than those people during earlier epidemics. I hear you though...so much...
  15. Mach

    Dos Chris Hayes Challenge Schiff?

    And yet we must differentiate truth from falsity if we're going to thrive as a nation It has been a problem since the invention of politics, so I sympathize. I didn't see Chris lying, nor did I see Schiff lying in this particular case. The OP however did misrepresent the malevolent claim...
  16. Mach

    Who or what is Crowdstrike?

    I quoted it, and told you twice I quoted your CT, and you are still asking? You aren't asking, that's trolling.
  17. Mach

    Who or what is Crowdstrike?

    “As part of the editing process, however, we should have made certain that several of the article’s conclusions were presented as possibilities, not as certainties," The Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel wrote in a lengthy editor's note added to the article. “We have also learned since...
  18. Mach

    Dos Chris Hayes Challenge Schiff?

    Nah, listen to the video, not Lutherf. I mean, never listen to Lutherf about politics right? Starts at around 3:20. He didn't say he malevolently killed 50K, he made it as a remark in a sentence AFTER that, about Trump's brand...and Trump's brand objectively includes malevolence. Unless of...
  19. Mach

    Dos Chris Hayes Challenge Schiff?

    Because you're lying, he didn't tie that 50K to the malevolence comment. Maybe you got that from Fox news or right wing trash media? Or did you just not listen to your own video before crying about it? I've thought about Schiff's impeachment speeches a lot during this crisis. Schiff warned...
  20. Mach

    Who or what is Crowdstrike?

    I quoted you, and told you specifically why it was CT. And your reply is ":what is CT, and why?" It's as though you didn't even read what I wrote to you. And yes, these claims have been moved to CT a long time ago. That you and right wingers still push it, is so sad for America...
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