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  1. Cisero

    Clinton teases interviewer who confused Holder and Booker: 'They all look alike'

    Article Source Excerpt : I sure wish Clinton would realise that she is not helping at all. If she wishes to help the democratic party win seats come tuesday, I suggest she pour herself a margarita, kick back, and chill. She's done enough.
  2. Cisero

    Stop the #ButClinton nonsense

    :ranton: I'm sick and tired of these damn numb-nut & mentally-fragile pseudo-debaters who can NOT discuss anything related to the President without bringing up Hillary Rotten-Ham Clinton. This purposeful thread derail is a stupid ruse meant to avoid analyzing or criticizing anything Trump does...
  3. Cisero

    Trump Jr & Goldstone : Full Email Exchange

    Since this story is so big, I reckon it would be wise for everyone to read the whole email exchange between Trump Jr & Goldstone. The email exchange This exchange was posted on Twitter by Trump Jr. He preemptively released the mails because he knew that the NYTimes were planning to publish...
  4. Cisero

    Mosul completely freed from ISIS: What's next for the city left in ruins?

    Mosul completely freed from ISIS: What's next for the city left in ruins? Great news ! After months of fighting, Mosul is finally freed from ISIS. :applaud :applaud Let's hope it will stay this way for a while and that the reconstruction of the city can happen in optimal conditions.
  5. Cisero

    Responding to N. Korea launch, U.S. Army fires strike missile in demonstration

    Responding to N. Korea launch, U.S. Army fires strike missile in demonstration As North Korea continues to test it's military power, the USA & SK are preparing and conducting drills in order to respond to an attack from Pyongyang. From the article : This leaves me with mixed feelings. On...
  6. Cisero

    Which country brews the best beer ?

    It's summer, time for swimming, BBQs & cracking open some cold ones ! Touchy subject we've got right here fellas. Which country in your opinion brews the tastiest, freshest & heavenly brew ? Personally although I love proper American beers (I really enjoy Blue Moon and Moose Drool for...
  7. Cisero

    Do you make art ?

    What are your artistic hobbies ? Do you play an instrument ? Which one(s) ? Play in a band ? Paint ? Draw ? Write ? Dance ? Feel free to post images or sound samples, I personally love discovering indie art :cool:
  8. Cisero

    North Korea Fires Missile That Lands in Sea Between Korea and Japan

    North Korea Fires Missile That Lands in Sea Between Korea and Japan As time passes NK gets more & more daring & provocative. Is it just me, or is this situation getting quite worrisome ? Ninth time this year NK tested a missile. Are they just blowing off steam or are they truly preparing to...
  9. Cisero

    [POLL] How many terms will Trump serve as president ?

    I see a lot of right leaning people claiming "you're going to have deal with Trump for eight years". Why do people automatically assume he's going to win in 2020 ? I believe that in order to win 2020, Trump will need at least 5 things : 1) Enact policies that help the middle class & small...
  10. Cisero

    Ultimate denial

    Oh man oh man oh man.
  11. Cisero

    The Forbidden Question

    The ultimate forbidden question : how old are you ? Private poll (of course)
  12. Cisero

    Your Top 3 Books

    I'm looking for new material to read. What 3 books (or book series) do you think should be on everyones MUST READ list ? Let me begin : The Kiterunner - Khaled Hosseini (2003) The Poisonwood Bible - Barbara Kingsolver (1998) Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling (1997-2007)
  13. Cisero

    Minimum wage for interns / students

    Often when talking about the 15$ minimum wage, people bring up the following argument : "But if the wages are too high, young people & students will not be able to find a job during college" However, the minimum wage is different for young workers & students, as you all probably know. If...
  14. Cisero

    What's the most beautiful currency ?

    US Dollar, Euro, South African Rand, Hong Kong Dollar, Thai Baht, Swedish Krona, Brazilian Real... Which currency has the most beautiful bill & coin design in your opinion ? I personaly really like the Swiss Franc (I may be biased :lol:) The Australian Dollar also looks pretty nice...
  15. Cisero

    Pro-Gun Activist Jamie Gilt Accidentally Shot By Her 4-Year-Old Son [W:116]

    Regardless of your stance on guns, teaching a kid to shoot is quite ridiculous IMHO. Read more at : Jamie Gilt, Florida Mom, Accidentally Shot By 4-Year-Old Son
  16. Cisero

    Quiz : Countries Of Africa

    Africa: Countries - Map Quiz Game How many can you get ? ;)
  17. Cisero

    Man kills his 14 y old son. Thought he was an intruder.

    Police investigate death of teen shot by dad The man, believing his 14-year-old son was at school, fatally shot the boy in the neck when he mistook him for an intruder at their East Price Hill home Tuesday morning. This happened 2 days ago... Did you hear about it ? What a tragedy :(
  18. Cisero

    [R.I.P.] Alan Rickman passes away at 69

    Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and Die Hard actor, dies aged 69 - BBC News - After all this time ? - Always. EDIT : I did not see other people already posted this, can the mods please close this thread ? Thanks
  19. Cisero

    Does consciousness = humanity ?

    I've been playing this horror game called "S.O.M.A" & besides wetting myself (twice) I've been faced with a moral dilemma. In this game, people's consciousness are scanned & preserved. Their consciousness is then reuploaded into a machine... These machines are conscious. They think, feel &...
  20. Cisero

    TEST : How fast do you type ?

    Online Typing Test - CPM, WPM and percentile How fast to you type ? I got 100 WPM (499 CPM) =)
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