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  1. Checkerboard Strangler

    Leon Russell - Has it really been four years?

    Has it really been four years since we lost The Master of Space and Time? Yes, sadly it has been. Leon passed away at 4:17 in the morning, at least according to his wife Jan, who awoke and found him unresponsive. He passed away peacefully in his sleep just a month or so after having recovered...
  2. Checkerboard Strangler

    Dems must pursue justice or else

    Trump may actually get away with getting a pardon but that is for federal criminal activity. Banks don't give a damn about pardons, and a good many of them intend to collect one minute after NOON on January 20th. Trump also amassed quite a load of cash illegally while serving, so most of that...
  3. Checkerboard Strangler

    The Gratitude Thread

    WE DO OWE a big debt of gratitude to all our conservative allies who were never Trumpers and RVAT-ers. Thank you and I hope we can make you proud. There will be disagreements but I hope that we can carry the cooperation we exhibited in this runup well into the years ahead, and perhaps our mutual...
  4. Checkerboard Strangler

    Final EC count thread

    Hey kids! Post your predictions for the final count in the 2020 US Presidential Election here! Do you think Trump will get more than 232? Post it here. Do you think Biden will pass 290? Post it here.
  5. Checkerboard Strangler

    Whitmer: Maybe it was a problem, maybe it wasn't

    “People are entitled to say maybe it was a problem, maybe it wasn’t.” ---President Donald Trump, speaking about recent attempts to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer So this is what we can expect from a future term with President Trump, tacit approval of raids to kidnap duly elected...
  6. Checkerboard Strangler

    Name something you don't think needs refrigeration

    One thing only per post, but you can come back as often as you like and add more! For me, first off is ketchup.
  7. Checkerboard Strangler

    VA Plans to Outsource All Compensation and Pension Exams

    VA Plans to Outsource All Compensation and Pension Exams Oh looky, more privatization! Guess what's going to happen if we let this grow legs? Disabled veterans will be subjected to routine "fishing expeditions" in an effort to cut or remove compensation and disability pensions, and outsourced...
  8. Checkerboard Strangler

    Cereal milk - drink or leave?

    Okay, when eating cereal, I've been one of those people who finishes the cereal milk after the cereal is gone. I've done that my entire life. My wife always LEAVES the cereal milk behind and thinks I am a weirdo. SO - A POLL IS IN ORDER Drink the milk or leave it behind? Which one are you?
  9. Checkerboard Strangler

    Democrats and children trafficking questions for the layman

    I HAVE SOME SERIOUS QUESTIONS: 1. Where are the bones? I mean...I’m sure the Democrats don’t eat the kids’ bones...so where do they put them? (I would think that the fingerprints or drool on the bones would come in handy for investigative purposes) 2. When our children go missing, how do we...
  10. Checkerboard Strangler

    Postmaster Benches Entire US Postal Police

    So now that Postmaster Louis deJoy has benched the entire US Postal Police, can we count on those Patriot Guard Riders and other "concerned patriot groups" to escort our postal workers safely as they do their jobs in dangerous areas?
  11. Checkerboard Strangler

    Hunter Biden Story Goes Dark on NYPost?

    As of this writing, 4:16PM Pacific Time, October 18, 2020, the entire Hunter Biden story and all associated articles have disappeared from the New York Post. WHAT HAPPENED??
  12. Checkerboard Strangler

    If you deny American democracy, you have NO right to vote

    Subject line says it all: If you deny American democracy, you have NO right to vote. Why should a democracy extend voting rights to people who insist we are not a democracy? WHY? Voting is the cornerstone of our representative democracy, and in the last few years a growing number of denialist...
  13. Checkerboard Strangler

    "Trump Card" - Seen it yet?

    Dinesh D'Souza, the convicted felon pardoned by Trump, has fulfilled his obligation to his master and released "Trump Card", a film that critics are calling a distorted orwellian "array of racist dog whistles, low-production-value historical re-enactments, and interviews with a dizzying, dubious...
  14. Checkerboard Strangler

    Palace coup issue

    This isn't handwringing, it's spitballing. There's always discussions of this nature when a leader is seriously ill. If POTUS becomes so ill that he is deemed incapacitated, there's already constitutional mechanisms in place, but history is full of accounts of palace coups that have happened in...
  15. Checkerboard Strangler

    POTUS COVID FALSE FLAG?? - Republican hoax??

    Is the news of Donald Trump's COVID infection a Republican hoax? Is it possible that reports of President Donald Trump's COVID-19 infection is really a false flag designed to A) garner sympathy votes B) create an excuse to not do any more debates C) set up an event where Trump "emerges fully...
  16. Checkerboard Strangler

    The Departed

    No, not the movie! Although that IS a fantastic movie, I could watch it again and again. But sorry if anyone is feeling like this is bait and switch...hey I had to get your attention, didn't I? :cool: So anyway, I am not out to give anybody a hard time if they've decided or are considering a...
  17. Checkerboard Strangler

    Is Donald J. Trump a crooked tax cheater?

    Poll title says it all. This IS just a POLL. I want to see how many forum members believe he's a cheat and how many believe he's honest.
  18. Checkerboard Strangler

    Setup for SCOTUS recusal?

    Call me silly, but if Trump openly states that he needs a new justice specifically for the purpose of overturning an election result, doesn't that judge then have to recuse themselves? There is no way his picks for SCOTUS can say that they didn't hear him make those statements. And now that they...
  19. Checkerboard Strangler

    CHALLENGE: Qanon is like NAMBLA-prove me wrong!

    This is a challenge and it's very simple: Qanon is like NAMBLA - prove me wrong. That's it, in a nutshell.
  20. Checkerboard Strangler

    Presidential debate tactics

    The tactics Trump relies in a debate are now well known. We watched what he did in the 2016 debates, and we also watched as Hillz writhed like a flounder gasping for air, struggling to decide whether to issue a firm rebuke or "take the high road and soldier on". Trump interrupted her every...
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