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  1. Spakian

    If Trump won

    Would he have called voter fraud on the Biden votes? He tried to do the same thing in 2016
  2. Spakian


    What's your favorite Anime? What anime are you watching right now (if you are)? I'm currently watching JoJo's Bizarre Adventure part 3 and my favorite is either One Punch or JoJo's
  3. Spakian

    Is Religion a conspiracy theory?

    I know this will be a bit controversial, but is it a conspiracy? The definition of a conspiracy theory is shown as: noun noun: conspiracy theory; plural noun: conspiracy theories a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event. It could be...
  4. Spakian

    Summer Break?

    Normally schools in the US have a 3 month long summer break and a 2 week long winter break. Should schools make the summer break longer and the winter break shorter?
  5. Spakian

    Why do Republicans like Kyle Rittenhouse?

    I see a lot of Republicans on this forum and online voice their support for him. Take this Tweet for example: I just don't understand why lots of people support a juvenile murderer? Is it because he killed protestors? I would like to know why people support him
  6. Spakian

    Are you allowed to impeach a president for gross incompetence?

    Straight from the horse's mouth
  7. Spakian


    My post got renamed with W:34 on the top. Does this mean anything?
  8. Spakian

    [W:34]Why doesn't Trump have respect for his opponents?

    Donald Trump is notorious for not having respect for others - especially people he didn't like. Here is a small portion of the things he has done: - Mocked disabled people - Calling his opponents names - Mocking reporters - Mocking the MSM - Calling all Liberals stupid - Makes baseless claims...
  9. Spakian


    I just hit 250 posts and cannot find the basement. Can someone provide me to where it is?
  10. Spakian

    Biden's cabinet

    Since Biden won, who do you think will be in his cabinet?
  11. Spakian

    Mail-in fraud (for non-Trump voters)

    This is the post corresponding to the earlier post of mail-in fraud, but for non-Trump voters. First post: https://debatepolitics.com/threads/mail-in-fraud.428268/
  12. Spakian

    Mail-in fraud?

    So Trump and his cronies keep on saying that any mail-in vote that is not towards him is fraudulent as per what they say. I want to see how much do Trump voters agree with that. How much of fraud are the votes? I am assuming that by placing a response, you are a Trump voter (I will make another...
  13. Spakian

    Ilhan Omar's bad campaign

    We all know that Ilhan Omar has a terrible rap because of her failed actions. I think that both Democrats and Republicans should vote for her opponent, Lacy Johnson because even though he's a Republican, he's not extreme like Trump and his cronies, but he's also not a leftist. His campaign is...
  14. Spakian

    We should've worn masks

    Look at Japan. They don't have to deal with this because they wear a damn mask.
  15. Spakian

    Would a Robin-Hood style tax be good?

    Should we take form the rich and give to the poor?
  16. Spakian

    How will the SCOTUS change the election?

    Now that the SCOTUS is more Conservative (with staunch conservative Justices Barrett, Thomas, and Alito), and making rulings on mail-in ballots, how do you think it will change the election? Will it not change at all? What would ensue based on these changes?
  17. Spakian

    WH 60 Minutes Interview

    So the WH interview is streaming right now on 60 minutes. How does this compare with the one that Trump sent? How do you think Trump will react to this? What do you think will ensue?
  18. Spakian

    "I think Islam hates us"

    In 2016, Trump said that "Islam hates him" in a CNN interview with Anderson Cooper In 2020, The Taliban, a group that Trump called "Radically Islamic", endorsed him https://www.cbsnews.com/news/taliban-on-trump-we-hope-he-will-win-the-election-withdraw-us-troops/ Yes, Mr. Trump, Islam...
  19. Spakian

    California GOP

    So recently, the California GOP put up fake ballot boxes to try to tamper with the ballots, and they recently admitted they did it. Now they won't comply with removing it https://www.cbsnews.com/news/california-ballot-drop-boxes-republicans-cease-and-desist/ The GOP calls the Democrats the...
  20. Spakian

    Republican and Democrat countries

    What do you think will ensue if Democrats and Republicans occupied different countries? Who would provoke war first?
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