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  1. Spakian

    Which of these constitutional amendments passed by congress should get ratified?

    Hell no for obvious reasons That means there will be 8.76k house members F*ck no. Then DC will be the most important, and that will be a problem in the United States of America's We should keep legal distinction, but treat everyone equally No. If the country that the Royal resides in allows...
  2. Spakian

    One good thing about this coming Jan 20

    Trump didn't do anything to help create a vaccine. It's like a kid who makes a cool gadget and another kid claims the gadget for himself
  3. Spakian

    One good thing about this coming Jan 20

    Seeing how COVID is right now, I think 500k will come before inauguration
  4. Spakian

    William Barr says there is no evidence of widespread fraud in presidential election

    These people switch viewpoints so much. Opportunistic bastards...
  5. Spakian

    Are you proud of this ditz, Dems?

    I have a hunch that most of your posts are just trolls
  6. Spakian

    Are you proud of this ditz, Dems?

    You do realize Twitter isn't a credible source...
  7. Spakian

    The Trump You’ve Yet to Meet

    I read the news, so I knew the real Trump from day 1
  8. Spakian

    Why do you post here?

    A lot of times I just come here when I am bored or when I have free time. I like discussing politics and debating a lot so I like the website
  9. Spakian

    The Democratic Socialist USA?

    This phrase is as broken as Trump's career
  10. Spakian

    Donald Trump asks Georgia Governor to 'call off' the Senate race in January

    Trump doesn't give a damn about people other than himself. As long as he wins, he doesn't care what happens in other races as long as the outcome benefits him. If he loses, he will try to blame everyone who has even a small relation with him. This is very similar to the way a toddler acts, but...
  11. Spakian

    If Trump won

    Would he have called voter fraud on the Biden votes? He tried to do the same thing in 2016
  12. Spakian

    Donald Trump asks Georgia Governor to 'call off' the Senate race in January

    It's kinda funny seeing Republicans start fighting each other. Calling off the election would be a use of stupidity over anything else
  13. Spakian

    catturd2 and trump

    He's retweeting his High School nickname
  14. Spakian

    Then there's THIS...

    What about the people who work and still don't get as much as they need?
  15. Spakian

    Biden paid a porn star, downplayed a pandemic, cheated customers/vendors/banks, ridiculed Christians/our Military/handicapped, acts like a baby and...

    Don't forget he supports conspiracy groups that think the opposition is full of satanic pedophiles
  16. Spakian

    Should Donald Trump be allowed access to the President Daily Briefs (PDB) after leaving office?

    Security reasons https://www.intelligence.gov/publics-daily-brief/presidents-daily-brief
  17. Spakian

    Are Republicans traitors, if they think that the election was NOT fraud?

    I think they are not traitors. They are the Republicans who respect the truth
  18. Spakian

    "The Day After the Election, Covid Will Disappear"

    GOPers who say he masterminded the "fraud"
  19. Spakian

    I will find your news and you get to debate it.

    You're acting like the people think that the MSM never lies. It's in the name: Mega Stupid Media
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