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  1. Yakshi

    Why Do Trump Supporters Ask for Sources and Links?

    Suddenly, a "fact-checking" Trump supporter wants a link. Why? They dismiss everything except Trump, Rush, and some parts of Fox News. Why do they ask questions when they don't care what the answer will be? Better yet: why do they ask questions?
  2. Yakshi

    I am Thankful for Trump Supporters

    Most if not all of them love their country, and so do I. Most if not all of them want the United States to succeed, and so do I. And for the good of the country, their extremism gave the country Biden. Thanks aside, what is next on the agenda for the Republican party? The Democrats want...
  3. Yakshi

    Does Propaganda Work? Ask Patients Denying They Have Covid

    First, it was a South Dakota nurse. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/south-dakota-emergency-room-nurse-says-some-patients-insist-covid-19-isnt-real-even-as-theyre-dying-from-it-2020-11-16 Now, Kentucky...
  4. Yakshi

    For Family Members of Conspiracy Theorists and QAnon Types: How Do You Cope?

    QAnon is probably the worst of it, but I'm talking about the "election was stolen!" types, the Deep State folks, Seth Rich, Comet Ping Pong, the whole gamut. Some just have their toe in the water and can perhaps be saved. Some just dove right in and despite getting exhausted from treading...
  5. Yakshi

    Biden Saves America

    This is 80% untrue. In our recent election, Biden gutted Trump, then decapitated Trump, then wore Trump's head as a mask for Halloween, during which he was given 24 miniature Snickers for crying out loud, among other treats, before his handlers reminded him that Halloween was a week and a half...
  6. Yakshi

    Trump Trumps Trump

    For months, Trump raised suspicions about voting by mail. In response, very few of Trump's voters voted by mail. This election is now being deciding by mailed votes weighing heavily for Biden. Trump doomed himself with his own fake news. Such delicious irony. Thanks, Trump. :)
  7. Yakshi

    So Now That Biden Has Lost and Covid Is Dead, What Are Trump's Plans for His Second Term?

    Trump says we have a cure and we've turned the corner. I say thank God. We can finally toss our masks and live our lives. Qusay Trump meanwhile said that a thousand dead per day is "nothing," and really, when you think about it, he's right. It's less than nothing, actually. I don't even know...
  8. Yakshi

    Qusay Trump Says 1,000 Dead Per Day Is Nothing

    https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/donald-trump-jr-claims-us-covid-deaths-are-almost-nothing-day-over-1000-people-die-072108981.html You know, I agree. 1,000 dead each day from Covid isn't that much. Imagine. It's only 20 per state per day. That's nothing. Look at how big California is. If I...
  9. Yakshi

    Trump so Rarely Apologizes. Can You Picture Him Conceding?

    I can't. If he loses, I picture him complaining about voter fraud until January, and then making his exit from the White House into some sort of victory march. I think that the closest he will ever come to admitting defeat will be to say that the election was "stolen" from him.
  10. Yakshi

    Barrett Has Been Confirmed. One Less Reason for Conservatives to Vote

    This article makes an interesting point. Now that Barrett is in, conservatives have one less reason to vote and one more reason to binge Fox News in their La-Z-Boys and pound barrels of cheeseballs. Not all of these folks know about deep-state, socialist, communist, totalitarian--did I get them...
  11. Yakshi

    If Trump Loses Texas

    Polls are close in Texas. Trump leads in most, but not by much. In most, they're within the margin of error. It is a distinct possibility if, down the road, Trump's hapless antics really do trigger the eventual dissolution of the Republican party--only to be replaced inevitably by the...
  12. Yakshi

    Survey Appears to Reveal Racism

    PRRI came out with its annual state-of-the-union survey. It can be found here: https://www.prri.org/research/amid-multiple-crises-trump-and-biden-supporters-see-different-realities-and-futures-for-the-nation/ Some of the survey responses appear to reveal racism. Here's one example: In a...
  13. Yakshi

    Who Wins?

    Poll is self-explanatory. The election happens in 18 days.
  14. Yakshi

    Don't Come Back Whining About Tyranny When There are 15 Supreme Court Justices

    We see the arguments from Trump supporters now. "It's all politics." "Democrats would do exactly what we're doing now!" (nice trick, by the way, blaming Democrats for your own hypocrisy) And so on and so forth. We see you playing Twister with yourselves, trying your best to convince yourselves...
  15. Yakshi

    Share Your Views on Higher Education in the United States Here

    Hello everybody, I invite you all to share your opinions--positive, negative, neutral--about the university experience in the United States. Whether you yourself have attended isn't relevant. All opinions are equally valid. I am simply curious what you think. Thanks in advance.
  16. Yakshi

    There Are No Conservative Cities, Because Conservatives Are Hill People.

    Blaming "Democratic cities" for a variety of things is nice, if it makes your toes squiggle, but there isn't a single conservative city in the country. Cities frighten conservatives, and that's a good thing, because Democrats don't want conservatives in cities. Democrats are too busy working...
  17. Yakshi

    What Would Trump Have to Do?

    Okay, we know--or we strongly suspect, if we're being honest--that if Trump was on video blowing someone's brains out on Fifth Avenue, then all but the dimmest of his supporters, many of whom troll this board on a daily basis--would finally abandon him for the nearest third party Republican...
  18. Yakshi

    Hi from Yakshi

    I see lots of familiar names in this forum. That's a good sign. Hello, everybody.
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