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    How They Made Us Doubt Everything

    I've not been here in a while, having become bored of repeatedly debunking the same old idiotic arguments from the denier mob, but I though this might be of interest to the forum (especially those living in the UK). It's a programme currently being aired on BBC Radio 4 and worth a listen. The...
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    Former climate sceptic Jerry Taylor advocates rapid decarbonisation

    Jerry Taylor, one-time climate sceptic and former Vice President of the libertarian Cato Institute, explains in The Guardian why he now believes that we should decarbonise the economy as rapidly as possible. Conservatives should change how they think about global warming. I did "It took time...
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    Sea ice extent falls to new record low

    The polar ice caps just keep on shrinking, and global polar sea ice extent has reached a new satellite-era record low. This would appear to contradict repeated AGW-denier claims that a new ice age is beginning. Strange that there has been no mention of this on WUWT. "January of 2018 began and...
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    Mapping the rise of killer heatwaves

    Following on from Hansen's prediction that most of the world will ultimately become uninhabitable if the use of fossil fuels is not curtailed, a recent Nature paper shows in more detail which parts of the world will start to struggle as the heat and humidity rises. A 2°C rise is likely to cause...
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    BBC aplogises for not challenging climate change denier lies

    BBC apologises over interview with climate denier Lord Lawson That's not the first time that the BBC has been caught out giving "false balance", i.e. treating opposite opinions as equally valid regardless of the accuracy of those opinions. The BBC has a duty to inform and should not be...
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    Did Putin help Trump to prevent climate change action?

    There's speculation in this week's New Scientist that one of Putin's main reasons for allegedly helping to engineer the election of Trump may have been his and his party's man-made climate change denial. A major drive towards the development and use of renewable energy sources and energy...
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    Why do laypersons have such arrogance when denying human-caused climate change?

    A very good reply to this question by Lee Thé, on Quora: "One facet of low intelligence is lack of self-assessment ability. Thus it’s not what they don’t know. It’s what they don’t know that they don’t know. Dumb people literally can’t imagine a higher intelligence than their own. Intelligent...
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    Merchands of doubt losing the battle in the UK

    Survey of British adults on behalf of ECIU on climate change. Here in the UK, at least, people are starting to see through the lies and propaganda spread by those who are happy to risk rendering large parts of the Earth uninhabitable in order to maintain their profits. My guess is that...
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