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  1. nitroexpress

    Trail Leading Back to the Wuhan Labs

    Who is patient Zero? The Trail Leading Back to the Wuhan Labs
  2. nitroexpress

    Hillary 2.0 -- Democrats need her

    Hillary has identified the reasons that she was cheated out of a coronation. Russians, Dark Web. She says that she now knows Trump better than anyone and knows how to beat him. They said it would never happen. They said that it couldn't happen and yet. Biden is weak, Warren (giver of...
  3. nitroexpress

    Hillary outs Tulsi and Jill Stein

    So what's with Hillary? Stein caused her loss. Just another excuse or something else? Really, Russians agents? Will she attempt another run for President? It's been said that she wouldn't have the money, but how about Hillary/Bloomberg 2020
  4. nitroexpress

    DATELINE -- Minneapolis calling

    And so the aggrieved Democrats stage another violent protest of Trump. Not the worst in recent memory, but there were acts of violence by the men in black and many of their supporters. So why were the police not more proactive? Were there any arrests at all? Is this type of action from the...
  5. nitroexpress

    Finding Hunter

    Doesn't it seem more than a bit strange that Joe Biden is doing a good imitation of an ostrich with head in the sand? Why is Joe avoiding what reasonable citizens want to know? What qualifications does Hunter have that allowed him to pull 1.5 billion from the Chinese government when no one...
  6. nitroexpress

    AOC pushes Pelosi to Defcon 1

    Pelosi couldn't even wait for Trump's call transcript to come out tomorrow. She declares an Impeachment Inquiry and the smart money asks, isn't that what Nadler has been doing? Impeach Trump, no let's impeach Kavanaugh. No, let's go back at Trump. What a joke. Nancy might be smiling, but...
  7. nitroexpress

    Like a Boeing 737 MAX 8, Biden is going down

    Biden has a problem. Warren preaches the victimhood mantra better and promises more goodies. Does anyone dispute the fact that Biden is toast? Iowa Poll: Elizabeth Warren surges in Iowa, narrowly leading Joe Biden
  8. nitroexpress

    Russian Internet Trolls. How many do we have here?

    Wouldn't it make sense that this Forum would be a prime target? Other Forums have flung around accusations between posters of "Russian Troll". Is it unrealistic to believe this Forum is some kind of safe ground? How does one identify a genuine Russian asset working to disrupt? Maybe it's...
  9. nitroexpress

    Nadler lays an egg while Corey soars.

    Has House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler proven to be a "useful idiot"? The ongoing Judiciary Committee hearings say yes. Words are hard to bring forth that describe the idiocracy of the Dems and their drive for impeachment. Impeach Trump. Impeach Kavanaugh. Who's next, the...
  10. nitroexpress

    It's War!!

    Iran backs and supplies the Houthi rebels. It's pretty clear that Iran planned and directed the Houthi's to attack Saudi. What was Iran thinking? Do we bomb Iran in the morning, evening and all week long? Probably just send in the cruise missiles. What would McCain do? Bomb Iran...
  11. nitroexpress

    McCabe recommended for prosecution. Will he flip?

    Is this the beginning of the end for the Obama crew? Will McCabe be put in solitary like Manafort in an effort to squeeze him? Will Brennan, Clapper, Comey and the rest of the Clinton/DNC inspired collusion crew be looking over their shoulders? Who will cut a deal? Somewhere Martha Stewart...
  12. nitroexpress

    Trump heading into the belly of the beast (Baltimore)

    Tonight Trump will be in Baltimore. What's up with that? Will he mention Elijah Cummings or just poke the Baltimore Dems in general? 2015 -- Bernie Sanders declares that Baltimore looks like a 3drd world country. Bernie Sanders in 2015: Baltimore looks like a 'Third World country'...
  13. nitroexpress

    Iraq & Afghanistan -- What’s the Democratic Plan/What’s the scheme?

    Limit yourself to Iraq and Afghanistan. What should we be doing at the present time? Forget the past. Forget what shoulda outta been done. Talk about the present and what we should do from the present and into the future. Do we pull completely out? Commit more forces or maybe more...
  14. nitroexpress

    Marianne Williamson - any more like you who might be hiding in a closet?

    Strange and kooky presidential candidate Marianne Williamson might be the most insightful of them all. "I didn’t think the Left was so mean. I didn’t think the Left lied like this" So how many closet Dems will be voting for Trump? It's anonymous here so let it fly. You'll feel better for...
  15. nitroexpress

    Poor Joe. Is there a Doctor in the house?

    I would never vote for any of the Dem candidates, but I feel for Joe. A few gaffes, well OK. But they are coming faster and faster. The chuckles from supporters are fewer and fewer. Someone has to figure a way for him to bow out. Really, it's for the best. If he is the nominee, he will be...
  16. nitroexpress

    Hillary to the Greybar????

    IG's FISA report is due out soon. Will heads roll? Hillary, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, McCabe and more???? How can anyone not say that the 4 FISA's were bogus, false and criminal.
  17. nitroexpress

    Put down that hamburger

    Eat a hamburger and go to jail? Is that what these Dems want? So many of their policies are downright wacko. Beto wants mandatory gun confiscation. Bernie wants to spend 16 Billion. Warren wants free College and the reorganization of ICE and Customs and Border Protection. Harris goes...
  18. nitroexpress

    Al Gore +1 Are We Dead Yet?

    Mother nature will do what she does best, ignore Humans and ebb and flow. If the Dems want to feel good about the changing climate, how about getting China, India, Russia and others to do some reducing. Empty promises have been made by other countries, but it seems only the US is saddled with...
  19. nitroexpress


    So AOC and her band of Merry Pranksters were raising money for antifa-fueled 'Straight Pride' protesters. Is this the type of action you condone from a Representative? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Promotes Fundraiser For Boston Protesters Associated With Antifa Alexandria...
  20. nitroexpress

    Jessi Combs RIP

    What a lady. You'll be missed. Jessi Combs killed in ‘horrific accident’ in land speed record attempt Jessi Combs killed in ‘horrific accident’ in land speed record attempt
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