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    Please explain to me why the Trump voters should come together with those who attacked them and their candidate/President for 4 years.

    The left is saying come together, put aside the harsh rhetoric, ignore the 4 years of accusations and impeachment and calling Trump supporters racist. Please explain to me why would we now choose that path? Why would we not do what the democrats did to us and our choice as President for the...
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    How can Minneapolis vote to defund it's police and now ask for help from other officers around the state?

    Democrats/liberals, socialist, communist. Vote to defund your police department and now beg for help from other officers. Those officers ought to tell Minneapolis to go blow.
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    Please explain how the democats can actually complain about Trumps challenges to the election?

    After the way democrats responded to Trumps election, how can they possibly complain about anything Trump may do. Chuck Schumer is a snowflake and he was one of the worst complainers during the Trump presidency. Hypocrites, snowflakes, liars.
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    Just how stupid do you have to be to want to "defund police"?

    Large groups around the country, particularly in the most liberal run cites across America are taking action on defunding police. How stupid are these people? Exactly who do they think will deal with crime? I love the term "community policing", but it means not a darn thing in stopping crime...
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    Is American Politics and any chance of a unified country out of the question?

    The nation is bitterly divided. Both sides are exhibiting strong dislike for one another over their personal choices of candidates and positions. Both side are heavily dug in over their positions on policy; taxation, government regulation, energy policy, economics, all types of social...
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    Should Republican voters just forgive and forget the nearly 5 years of attacks on their candidate, and the voters.

    Should Republican voters forgive and forget the constant attacks on Trump and on them for voting and supporting President Trump. Just to name a few, racist, misogynist, scum, full of hate, deplorable, white supremacist, bigots, unintelligent, xenophobic. Trump was called all the above and the...
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    Lost respect for Republican leaders who have abandoned the Republican voters.

    Republicans who are former office holders, who ran for the office of President, who were cabinet members in former republican administrations, who asked for the votes of republican voters in election after election, to you I say "traitors". Those like the Bushes, Mitt Romney, the McCains...
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    Is it just me or are Democrats and Republicans really very far apart.

    I've watched closely the decline of our politics in America. I'm of the opinion that democrats and republicans are farther apart than ever in our history. I believe we are going to see continued attempts by the two parties to change the system not by the vote of the people but by using the...
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    Teaching my kids about liberalism and socialism.

    After seeing a great post I decided to try the same idea. In order to teach my kids about liberalism and socialism I did the following. On Halloween evening I paraded my kids around the neighbor hood, (yes we wore masks, and we live in a semi gated community of about 500 homes). After the...
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    Somebody please answer: What is Joe going to do differently on the Virus that Trump is not always doing?

    Joe Biden has said he will be different on the Virus. Then he said Trump didn't do anything. Recently he said if he is elected the virus isn't going to suddenly go away. So what is Joe going to do that is different from Trump? PPE, done. Ventilators, done. Masks, done. Pharmaceuticals...
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    Is Biden's economic plan really what he says it is?

    According to an article in Moody's the Biden plan is touted as having a stronger short term affect on the economy than a Trump plan. In actuality there is more to the plans than that article or Joe Biden is sharing. Deal Book/New York Times ran several scenarios dependent on the outcome of the...
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    Are social media companies like Twitter and Facebook playing politics?

    Twitter and Facebook recently made headlines by again banning republican/conservative posts on their respective websites. This isn't the first time this has happened. Since the controversy over the Biden's selling influence story and the testimony of 3 social media CEO's before aCongressional...
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    A True American Hero!!!!

    The father of Walter Wallace came out and made a public statement to the citizens of Philadelphia. In his statement he implored those rioting, attacking police, burning, looting busineses to stop. Despite his loss he has stepped up and pointed out the many wrongs being perpetrated under the...
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    Congressional Democrats have really lost their minds.

    The leadership in the democrat party has lost any resemblance of common sense, decency, or ethics. This on top of feigning ignorance of the law. For four years they called Trump illegitimate and tried every way possible to remove him if they could or at least to smear him bad enough that they...
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    How is the U.S. actually performing compared to other countries. How many deaths related to cases. What is our mortality rate?

    Here are two studies that show the U.S. is doing much better than democrats are cliaming, they only have fear with which to win the election. Here are the links. https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality...
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    Can anyone outline what Joe Biden as accomplished in his 47 years in Congress and the White House as the number 2.

    What has Joe accomplished? What pieces of legislation has he been directly responsible for submitting, sponsoring or writing?
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    "Critical Race Theory", great speech by black woman member of Parliament on the problem of Critical Race Theory.

    Kemi Badenoch the black female Equality Minister in Parliament explains what is wrong with teaching Critical Race Theory.
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    45 Communist Goals for America

    In 1963 these 45 Communist Goals were read into the Congressional Record. How many do you see that have already happened or are in the process of happening? https://edberry.com/blog/polymontana/the-45-communist-goals-1963
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    Isn't the confirmation hearing for the purpose of asking the nominee questions?

    Democrats just want to opine about their "feelings". They don't want to ask too many questions because they don't want to allow ACB to speak too much and look too good. Some of the democrats have done nothing to advance the knowledge that people have about Barrett but rather to demean the nominee.
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    Amy Coney Barrett.

    Why do democrats on the one hand ask if she has made any promises to the President to rule one way or the other because they fear her conservative philosophy. At the same time on certain issues but on the other hand ask her how she is going to rule on those issues. Hypocrisy. Which is it. Is...
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