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  1. Captain Adverse

    Fascism In Europe, On The Road To Something Similar Here, Under Leadership Like The Trump Administration?

    Short answer? NO!. Longer answer? IMO people who believe as you do have swallowed the Kool Aid of the "Thought Controllers" who own the Main Stream AND Social Media. I guess I have to repeat this again: You have been convinced that Trump is a Fascist, that those who voted for him are a...
  2. Captain Adverse

    Who still thinks Trump won?

    Wow. :eek: I refer you to this post in a different thread, started by someone with views similar to yours. I know it won't do any good. TAGLINE TIME. :coffee:
  3. Captain Adverse

    Who still thinks Trump won?

    LOL I don't care what a bunch of "talking heads" have to say in this regard. IMO "Evidence of collusion" over the last 4 years between the MSM, Big Tech in control of Social Media, Multinational Corporations, and all the members of the "Swamp" who are either on their payroll, or have promises...
  4. Captain Adverse

    Who still thinks Trump won?

    Well, if you can provide evidence that it was used to help Trump, feel free to discuss it. My point is that "strange things" happened election night in States like PA, Mich., Wis., Az., Ga., and perhaps even MN. Strange as in nearly 100% of the mail-in ballots going to Biden when there will...
  5. Captain Adverse

    Who still thinks Trump won?

    I opted for "Still not sure," as there are several issues yet to be resolved. I do honestly think there was massive voter fraud utilizing the mail-in balloting process. Possibly also the counting machines provided by Smartmatic. Even CNN (back when Lou Dobbs worked there) and more recently...
  6. Captain Adverse

    Can anyone respect a trump supporter?

    Your post demonstrates Moral Panic, both as a victim of the Media and a convinced perpetrator/purveyor. Moral Panic: A Sociological Understanding of Moral Panic (thoughtco.com) I've pointed this out time and time again in the years since the election campaign started in 2016. In the current...
  7. Captain Adverse

    List of trump's accomplishments

    No problem: The Largest Postage Stamp in the World | The Fact Site I think that would be enough space if you took your time and wrote in very small letters. ;)
  8. Captain Adverse

    List of trump's accomplishments

    Then IMO you would be wrong. IMO the reason you and others think he was doing poorly is because all the Media did was report misinformation, disinformation, and outright lies to make everything he did appear in the very worst light possible. How often did you look behind the headlines and the...
  9. Captain Adverse

    List of trump's accomplishments

    Asked and answered. Just because you neither like nor accept the answer, does not make your opinion any more valid than mine. Like it or not, it is the one I provided. 🤷‍♂️
  10. Captain Adverse

    List of trump's accomplishments

    I've actually "thought about why," and the answer I came to was that while Trump was building "America First" it was having a negative impact on multinational business interests. This would include "Big Tech" (Google, Facebook, Twitter) which have major oversea expansion interests especially in...
  11. Captain Adverse

    List of trump's accomplishments

    (Sigh) Everyone has an opinion. 🤷‍♂️ Here's one from Bloomberg back in February 2020, before the Covid-19 "blew up." The Trump Effect on the Economy Is Undeniable - Bloomberg There was also all the gloom and doom projections of Trump-caused recessions every Fall through 2019 even before...
  12. Captain Adverse

    Should Residents Call Police On Neighbors Due To Covid Violations?

    I had to vote other. I personally consider this government request for "informers" against fellow citizens for "thought crimes" as a typical aspect of Authoritarian Regimes. I won't do it. However I cannot dictate how other people should act either. That is also a violation of one's free...
  13. Captain Adverse

    Thanksgiving and I'll be...

    I have family in NYC, and Best Friends in California. I have no plans to go to NYC because it is a mess with Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio's fanatical authoritarian governments I planned to go to Cali. But Governor Newsom is also being a "tool" of authoritarianism. So I'll just stay home...
  14. Captain Adverse

    Are the Media Gaslighting the USA?

    No one is going to answer your question because they cannot believe "Orange Man Bad" has any path to victory. Their confirmation bias is too strong. Just like they could not (and many still don't) believe he won fair and square in 2016, choosing to blame "Russian Collusion," and other "cheats."...
  15. Captain Adverse

    Here's one for the Constitution wonks.

    The problem is that you started off your argument with a mis-statement. The President is not "directly elected by the people." While it is the position of "national leader," it was set up (and still is) for election by "intermediaries." That is what Electors chosen by howsoever the State...
  16. Captain Adverse

    Here's one for the Constitution wonks.

    I suggest you look at my post # 99.
  17. Captain Adverse


    My member name combines my highest rank held in military service, with my willingness to stand firm in the face of adversity. The avatar pictured is that of Patrick Henry, the man history attributes the phrase "Give me Liberty, or give me Death." It encompasses my view of my socio-political...
  18. Captain Adverse

    Here's one for the Constitution wonks.

    IMO the article's position is presented on the basis of a fallacious "argument to authority," i.e. "we brought a case to SCOTUS so that means we can tell you what it means." Actually a review of their "argument" shows that the presenters article assumes much on the basis of little evidence...
  19. Captain Adverse

    I still vote D, but ...

    I am Independent and have no commitment to any Party anymore. I've voted Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, depending on the election. I didn't cast a vote, in deference to not being classified a Democrat. However, I currently disagree with Democrat "policy" on all those areas even though I...
  20. Captain Adverse

    It's time for Trump to concede and move on

    While I can appreciate your position, I don't agree with it...at this point in time. As I pointed out elsewhere, I voted for Al Gore back in 2000, and he did not concede until 12/13/2000. 12/13/2020 is still 23 days in the future, and I think it's best to let Trump have his day in Court before...
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