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    Switching political parties.

    Should members of Congress be allowed to switch party affliction and keep their seats for the remainder of their terms? According to the following it appears that the majority of switches have been from the Democratic side to the Republican...
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    How soon should Covid restrictions be removed?

    Assuming that a safe and effective vaccine is made available. how soon afterwards do you feel it would be safe to reopen the entire country? I'm leaning towards immediately since we've already have developed better treatments and even though some are still dying from it those numbers are in...
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    Strok has an explanation for fisa mistakes.

    Peter Strzok says mistakes in FISA applications were due to agents being 'overworked' | Fox News Funny how all the mistakes were towards getting something on Trump.
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    FB’s censorship

    Zuckerberg: Facebook, Twitter should not fact-check political speech Face Book has increasingly censored posts which its fact checkers have deemed misinformation. It’sbeen argued that most are those of conservatives. I don’t know if that’s true or not and I really don’t care. What I care about...
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    (For Republicans) Should Romney resign?

    I see where some are calling for it. But if he truly voted his conscience on the articles of impeachment is that what we should want -- impartial judgment?
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    Is this the new Florida?

    Technical debacle in reporting vote clouds future of Iowa caucuses Seems awful suspicious especially in light of the fact that the Democratic Party has reportedly been in a panic over Sander's likely win. In any case I'm just curious as to how our Democratic friends see this. Is it just a...
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    What if Biden did want the Ukraine prosecutor fired to help his son would you want him impeached?

    The assumption of the title is that Biden wins the presidency.
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    This thread was started because I discovered DiAnna and I share a common interest. We’re both huge fans of Skyrim. I think we find the same appeal for playing it. It’s hard to explain what that is but I think anyone who plays gets it. So, anyways if you’re a fan (or haven’t played) feel free to...
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    Preliminary Impeachment Hearings

    Wasn't able to watch the whole event (and didn't have any popcorn handy when I did catch some of it) but sure did seem like a waste of my money. How 'bout it gang -- What did you take away from the hearing? My bad. Didn't see this thread. Did Lewandowski's testimony today suggest Trump...
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    Happy Birthday . . .

    . . . bomberfox! Hope you had a wonderful day.
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    Family of abortionist makes grisly find after his death "After a South Bend abortionist died in Indiana, his family made a grisly discovery in his Indiana home: 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains." What do you think. Trophies -- fetish? Anyone care to speculate as to why someone would do...
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    I started a thread entitled “Why” that was moved to a forum that I don’t have access to. Why?
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    Why is the feature of being incognito not available?
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    Four pages in and I see no mention of Elder Scroll Online. No one playing this game?
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    I'm new . . .

    . . . and a bit overwhelmed by the forums topics. A lot of discussions seem interesting but I'm not sure how to jump in when there's so many responses. Don't have time to read them all and yet I wouldn't like to repeat a point already made. Any suggestions? Oh, and hi.
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