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  1. 00timh


    testing pics
  2. 00timh

    The Romney Ramble tour

    So, Mitt Romney is on a multi country tour. He has been to the UK, Israel... POLAND.... And said many things. I might have missed some stops so forgive me. FTR, I do not believe the liberal media on how bad the things he has said are. HOWEVER................... As a guy bringing up two kids in...
  3. 00timh


    The latest James Bond movie "Skyfall" has a new trailer out I am a big 007 fan. This trailer has me concerned though, I hope they are not over reaching with this movie. Daniel Craig just does not seem to have a good Bond look in this movie either. I have liked how they made his adaption to...
  4. 00timh

    As a conservative, I'm torn

    I will not be voting for Romney this year. Not for Obama either. I am not torn on that. What I am torn on though is that due to the extremely poor performance by Obama and the democrats, they do not deserve to win the election this November. However, should Romney win the election, the GOP will...
  5. 00timh

    One week from today...

    There will be a Mrs. H. Its been a long time coming and its almost here. Just about everything is in place. 3 years ago, before Val and I got together, the thought of saying "I do" again was something I swore off with every fiber of my being. Today I have never felt more confident about anything...
  6. 00timh

    Rise of the geriatrics

    This has become such an eyesore. Tours this summer... Kiss/Motley crue. Aerosmith. Jefferson Starship has a rendition of the group out with a couple of members from way back. Kanter being one of them. There are others... TBH here, I was a kiss fanatic growing up. From the early days in the late...
  7. 00timh

    The Ides of March

    I looked back several pages to see if this movie had been covered on here. I quit after several pages, so if it has been, my apologies. My thoughts of this George Clooney produced, directed and acted- a democrats wet dream basically. How many times was the GOP described so horribly in this...
  8. 00timh

    Is there a pic thread?

    I figure there is in here somehwere. Just curious as to what y'all look like.
  9. 00timh

    The modern game of bowling

    I have been a lifelong fan of the sport. I remember watching the late great Earl Anthony, Marshall Holman, Mark Roth and others during the late 70's and have followed it on and off (mostly on) since. In the past decade or so, the game has made tremendous advances in bowling ball technology. Many...
  10. 00timh

    Conservatives need not be afraid of being conservative.

    When looking at the history of the U.S. especially the last 100 years, you will find that our greatest times and our greatest leaders all had one thing in common, conservatism. The turn of the century was a conservative period of time and marked a great expansion of wealth and established the...
  11. 00timh

    This really sums it up for me.

    Romney Surrogate: Electability Should Trump 'Beliefs And Principles' | Fox News Staright from a GOP hourses mouth, its no longer about principles or beliefs. This really sums up why I am no longer a republican but merely an independent conservative. here is this "Romney surrogate" telling...
  12. 00timh

    Hey there

    just checking in heard this is a good place. Hope to have some fun and get to know you guys. Have a good one, always "Tim"
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