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  1. 00timh

    Body types you find attractive/unattractive

    Mine as well. The new DSM that is coming out is giving everyone who gets treated a label basically. And that will bring on more meds, more visits, more disabling and enabling by others. And it also clogs up the system for the people who really do need to be seen on a regular basis for acute...
  2. 00timh

    Christian Woman Fired from Burger King for Wearing Skirt Instead of Pants

    Fundamental disagreement here. I say the owner of a private business does get to make the rules. There is no obligation to society. (other than to provide a safe business that does not intentionall harm or deceive people... we leave that up to the government to do) But as for dress code and what...
  3. 00timh

    Another member of the PCF diaspora

    So is Quell gonna be the owner/admin? If so than I am now more than a little pissed. I am proud to have been a member and a staff member of a once great forum. Those that are at PP now do not deserve that name.
  4. 00timh

    2012 Presidential Election -Who are you voting for?

    Don't tell lol. Hell I am voting for Johnson this year.
  5. 00timh

    Another member of the PCF diaspora

    Isn't it pretty much the same playground that PP is? I believe that PP is dissolving and those guys are heading over to the new PCF if I am not mistaken.
  6. 00timh

    Traditional or Biological?

    I am not going to get into the lunacy of the pro and against arguments these types of threads tend to create. However I would say that I would back up the decades notion to a couple of centuries as far as most western culture goes. The basic premise of marriage has been about the same. A few...
  7. 00timh

    Have you been to Europe? [W:107]

    Stationed in Wiesbaden Germany for 3 years. I am guessing my answer should be yes.
  8. 00timh

    Another member of the PCF diaspora

    Oh, and welcome Cali Con.
  9. 00timh

    Another member of the PCF diaspora

    Yeah, I got the link to it, took a quick look around, as a PM had stated that PCF is back up. So I went to log in and was not a member. So its not back up, its a new board with an old name. I took a look around, saw some of the old members lurking around in there, but its not the old board. I...
  10. 00timh

    Should President Obama have attended Neil Armstrong's Funeral?

    You know what I love about the moon hoax conspiracy nuts? is that by the time they get to explaining how all of it was faked, they have ended up creating a scenario which the fake was more costly, complicated and probably more technologically advanced than the actual thing. It would have truly...
  11. 00timh

    What is the harm in being compassionate?

    Great point! Enabling is not even the same as being compassionate. I do see where it can be confused as such, even by the enablers themselves. But enablers take what could be compassion and take on the person's problems and makes them their own. That process only weakens the enabler and further...
  12. 00timh

    Female "squirting"

    Maybe, lol. I think her ex husband had her pretty screwed up with his porn and jerk off addiction. He is the gift that keeps on giving lol. He was a comp king and never worked, would rather jerk off then do the real thing, became grotesquely over weight and just completely lazy and uncaring as a...
  13. 00timh

    The Ryan Bump

    Well, I am thinking that Romney's choice is sort of opposite the effect that McCain tried to make with Palin. The Palin pick was a shock to almost everyone, including many deep inside the McCain team itself. It was a hail mary type of play. Romney is attempting to do the opposite here I believe...
  14. 00timh

    Michael Jackson

    He had some remarkable dance moves, especially his moonwalk, but other than that, as an entertainer alone IMO the most over rated ever. And as for a person, a very sick and disqusting one that was able to use his fame to hide behind for what he really was which was among the most sinister of...
  15. 00timh

    Female "squirting"

    In the beginning, my wife asked me once if she was too wet... for which I replied, that there is no such thing as too much of that.
  16. 00timh


    Good one, but what a better question would be, is can Obama have a good comeback to this strategy? I believe someone over there at GOP HQ must have stumbled onto some old playbooks, or perhaps took out the quija board and channeled Reagan. Rather than to demonize Obama as a man, criticize his...
  17. 00timh

    Ford Econoline van following the Crown Victoria into the sunset

    eh, IDK, the damn things are useful and they hold up forever if properly taken care of. Sometimes its best not to mess with a good thing. People and businesses are not buying these vehicles based on looks or social status. they are buying them because they use them for their work. If Ford can...
  18. 00timh

    Female "squirting"

    Yeah, I am all about driving them off a cliff with pleasure. The more they get off, the better for me. I love driving my wife insane with foreplay. But as for the squirting thing, guys should be not judging themselves based on that alone. Some women are able to do that moreso than others. We...
  19. 00timh


    Remember we are still in the reboot of a younger Bond still somewhat new to the job of a 00 agent. Perhaps after the hiatus and the last movie, QOS which took place immediately following CR, they can use the years to season Bond up a bit. But that would still put him in the mid sixties Connery...
  20. 00timh

    Kristen Stewart still says she loves robert

    I would say that what you are saying is typically true... We do not know all of the particulars of this instance, no matter how much the mafia paparazzi makes of it. They look to take people down. The guy I am sure is hurt by what happened. But do we really know just how deep their...
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