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  1. DarkWizard12

    what's that smell you get from fresh adult toys?

    so you know how you get that manufactured smell from fresh rubber, but seems to have a much more sensual scent when it comes to sex toys? I was wondering if anyone knew what that was and what it's called. I have some ideas i like to try out, and maybe even make money off of. Otherwise though...
  2. DarkWizard12

    do green party voters have an obligation to vote democrat?

    I don't really care for either party, but there seems to be a specific hatred of green/progressive voters among democrats, for "splitting left wing votes". The same phenomen exists among the right as well, between republicans and libertarians, although to a much lesser extent, and honestly, I...
  3. DarkWizard12

    Another DEM pedo got arrested

    This time in arizona https://www.12news.com/article/news/politics/arizona-senator-resigns-amid-accusations-of-sexual-conduct-with-minors/75-9eafe924-5297-42a4-bcbc-8de949841548 What is it with the democrat LGBT movement making a home for pedophiles?
  4. DarkWizard12

    Do men have a right to choose regarding their own bodies?

    If Biden is going to be sending strike teams to people's doors to make sure we've been vaccinated, or if it's going to be a common thing for shops to be asking for our vaccine passports for the rest of our lives, then we've never really had a right to our own bodies. It seems that, there's a...
  5. DarkWizard12

    Is it okay for leftists to praise Adolf Hitler?

    https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/chicago-politics/illinois-congresswoman-says-hitler-was-right-on-one-thing/2409325/ This would seem to indicate that mrs. Mary Miller here is all for indoctrinating youth, the same way hitler did. and instead of saying something like...idk...that he was...
  6. DarkWizard12

    VIDEO: Capital Police waved Trump supporters into the capital

    The question is not whether the capital police directed the protest onward toward the capital, the question is, how much did they do it, and how much responsibility do they take for the actions there? To open the gates and guide the crowd into the capital seems more than just inefficiency on...
  7. DarkWizard12

    Here's why Stalin was a bad guy

    The Holodomer Genocide https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holodomor Holodomer was a systemic genocide that killed millions more than the holocaust did. Most people are taught the holocaust, as the prime evil of the nazi party, but nothing is ever said of Holodomer and few people even know it...
  8. DarkWizard12

    Americans have lost sight of what fascism actually means.

    https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2020/10/americans-have-lost-sight-what-fascism-means/616846/ Great piece by Shadi Hamid for The Atlantic. “Many Americans who brand Trump and his allies as fascists are paying too little attention to abuses in Hong Kong and cultural genocide in...
  9. DarkWizard12

    Resisting Trump is very lucrative

    LOL I'm starting to see why some of ya'll hate trump. Money has such an effect on people, doesn't it? Money coming in to the Lincoln Project, including 1 million from Gordon Getty, and 300,000 from the sixteen thirty fund. Reed Galen's Summit Strategic was paid $18.8M in Q3, Ron Steslow's...
  10. DarkWizard12

    Feds Bust Far-Left plot to kidnap Michigan Governor

    "AnTiFa isN't a GRoUp, iT's An IdeA!" https://www.usnews.com/news/top-news/articles/2020-10-08/fbi-thwarts-plot-to-kidnap-michigan-governor-affidavit Undercover agents and informants worked with the group Looks like antifa wants to start a civil war. Interestingly, so does the KKK Brandon...
  11. DarkWizard12

    I want MY country to stop rioting, and I don't care what has to be done to do it.

    Since when did we all turn into giant weak-ass pussies? We are seriously letting assholes destroy entire cities, towns, and MAINLY BLACK OWNED businesses, while disrupting people's livelihoods. And our government, whos most basic purpose is to guarantee property rights so we don't descend into...
  12. DarkWizard12

    Will another black death destroy the culture war and fix our society?

    Everytime that there has been a pandemic of uniquely deathly proportion(so not coronavirus), it has usually been followed by people turning to God and religion, and renewing communities and cities as people commit to rebuilding their localities and quit taking each other for granted. It has...
  13. DarkWizard12

    Should US journalists be banned from publicizing information recieved from a foreign government?

    THE FULL QUESTION IN CONTEXT: Should US journalists be banned from publicizing information, that may reasonably hurt/help any election campaign/party, that is received from a foreign government? Obviously, this may merit more than one answer, depending on the concept, but I'm more interested...
  14. DarkWizard12

    Students Were Advised to Claim to Be Minorities in College-Admissions Scandal

    Students Were Advised to Claim to Be Minorities in College-Admissions Scandal - WSJ Any liberals/progressives/pro-affirmative action people here want to chime in on this?
  15. DarkWizard12

    Should illegal entry be punished by the death penalty?

    I posit that illegally entering a country from the border is to be considered a form of subversion, as it contributes directly to social, and therefore political change, by which laws were broken to achieve. Logically then, it can be considered like treason, for which the penalty was death until...
  16. DarkWizard12

    Religion is here to stay

    The left doesn't give a damn about secularism, about atheism, do you think the left stream media would write an article like this on behalf of white Christians? No. This is because of multiculturalism. Because of the massive demographic shift currently underway in Canada, and the rest of...
  17. DarkWizard12

    For those who support the PLO/PA/BDS etc....

    I have only one question.... What policies and measures have the Arabs/Muslim states done to deescalate tensions with Israel, and do you support these policies?
  18. DarkWizard12

    Is assisted suicide murder?

    *Is assisted suicide murder? Can a mod fix the title for me? Assisted suicide is illegal in some states. Since people like to argue about the "legality" qualifier in the definition of murder, I would wonder how many pro-choicers would call someone who does assisted suicide a murderer, or how...
  19. DarkWizard12

    CNN Journalist deletes twitter and faces lawsuit over Covington Media Scandal

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PmDWa2imsGk You know....after doing a lot of research, I am of the opinion that the reason liberals are mad has nothing to do with what the kids did(chanting a school song). I guarentee you, no liberal has ever complained about a school song at a pep rally. This...
  20. DarkWizard12

    Covington Bias on Twitter

    Remember when the blue checkmark twitter mob doxxed, harassed and encouraged violence against the Black Hebrew Israelites for the objectively reprehensible things that they said on camera? Me neither.
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