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  1. Maximus Zeebra

    Goodbye USA

    Your collapse was rapid and now it is inevitable. We no longer have an ally, and we have to survive on our own, which I doubt we can. Our societies in Europe are also infected the same way the US is, albeit less and at a slower rate. In the end we had more resistance in our mind and in our...
  2. Maximus Zeebra

    So my political correctness collection thread was deleted, here is a new one. Name and shame libs/PC

    So, it seems it was completely deleted (I can't find trace of it), so here is a new thread to collect new political correctness changes in our society, to trace it, and new liberal insanity and ideas that are implemented locally, regionally, nationally, globally etc. I am not going to write the...
  3. Maximus Zeebra

    Who are these guys who keep spreading anti-Russian propaganda?

    What's your thoughts? This anti-Russian propaganda, and Russia hatred is a thing that is generally widespread on the internet. It seems to be organized. Some conspiracy theories are widespread and popular, and they use these in their propaganda. There are many actual negative things about...
  4. Maximus Zeebra

    What is "hate speech"?

    In my opinion hate speech is anything you want it to be, it is a relative term and a tool of censorship and suppression of freedom of speech and any opposing point of view. Hate speech can be anything you want it to be and as such is a very popular and indefinite term. It is a danger to...
  5. Maximus Zeebra

    Did the MSM/corporations in the US meddle in the 2016 presidential election on behalf of Hillary

    I'm of the opinion that the mainstream media and very powerful and influential corporations in the US coordinated a meddling in the 2016 US presidential election in an attempt to get Hillary Clinton elected. I'm not talking about some, I am talking about a coordinated effort from 90% of...
  6. Maximus Zeebra

    Russia bad, Russia, Russia etc - Trump bad also

    Russia this and Russia that.
  7. Maximus Zeebra

    How popular are conspiracy theories about Russia?

    Just so much talk about Russia these days, mostly conspiracy theories and anti-Russian propaganda. I'm just wondering how popular conspiracy theories about Russia really is...
  8. Maximus Zeebra

    Is the democratic party holding the nation (US) hostage for political reasons?

    Alright, so the US government has shutdown over 5 billion dollars that the democratic party and the "establishment" refuses to grant the US government to spend on the Mexico border. Considering the US government annual spending of 2500 billion dollars per year, of which 5 billion is barely 0.2%...
  9. Maximus Zeebra

    Our civilisation is pathetic. [W:459]

    Do you agree with the statement (above)? What a ridiculous world, full of ridiculous countries, and their naive peoples. Every single person on this planet is ready to embrace a world society that makes sense. A society where we all get along and cooperate, a society where no one starves...
  10. Maximus Zeebra

    crackdown on "OWS" capms coordinated by US mayors

    Crackdown on OWS camps coordinated by US city mayors — RT again public opinion and protest is denied. the fascist hits again. do the population at large still have a right to protest and be heard in the US?
  11. Maximus Zeebra

    occupy wall street hit by US media censorship

    the occupy wall street movement has been completely muted by the US mainstream media so that people in general shall not understand their messages. instead the movement has been simplified to mean only its name and been shown on tv as punks who are up to no good with police having to "clean up"...
  12. Maximus Zeebra

    the media chose Romney and Perry

    Congratulation to Mr Romney and Mr Perry for being selected by the media as republican candidates for the republican primary. and congratulation to the magnificent state of American democracy and the lack of influence and involvement of people. bravo.
  13. Maximus Zeebra

    Has "the bill of rights" been made obsolete by 200 years of new laws?

    simple question really.. Many new laws in the US go against the rights granted in "the bill of rights". No specific example should be mentioned by me, because there are hundreds even thousands of laws that go against the "bill of rights". In my opinion, so many laws go against the "bill of...
  14. Maximus Zeebra

    are our politicians acting/doing things as if there is a future

    I am talking about all our politicians, in particular in the west... Do they appear to be taking actions that will benefit us in the long term, or even take any actions as if there will be a functioning society beyond the next 5-10 years? or do they seem more to avoid imminent collapse now...
  15. Maximus Zeebra

    Do you avoid American products

    We all know America is not what it used to be. Has things changed as a result? Personally I stay educated about origin of products if it be actual origin or partly origin or that a source of profit goes where. I actively avoid American products whenever I can to show my disgust of what is going...
  16. Maximus Zeebra

    Russia, European Commission condemn violence against opposition in Georgia

    Russia, European Commission condemn violence against opposition in Georgia — RT Georgian police brutally cracks down on regime protestors. this ofcourse goes unreported in the US where the fascists in Washinton DC are known to support the madman Saakashvili of Georgia. Here is some video of...
  17. Maximus Zeebra

    RT presenter choked by police

    RT presenter choked by police — RT police brutality and arrests took place in Washington DC as police brutally cracked down on a crowd of people for dancing by a Washinton DC memorial... a new victory for American style democracy and free speech and expression..
  18. Maximus Zeebra

    US extends controversial Patriot Act

    US extends controversial Patriot Act — RT Not surprisingly this goes silent past most people. the temporary freedom robbing patriot act legislations has been extended and will end up snuk into US society permanently.. Sad day for democracy in the US, also shows there is not much difference...
  19. Maximus Zeebra

    Do America "take idols"?

    God said tho thall not take idols, or something of that sorts.. Is America a society that is based on taking idol? I mean, the president in America is a typical example of a person who is there as an idol rather than a sane figure. In my opinion no society should have any single...
  20. Maximus Zeebra

    Office chair racing takes place in Germany

    BBC News - Office chair racing takes place in Germany Oops. Just trying to match all the interesting breaking news on this forum, with European equivalents... :peace People on this forum seem to focus on the news that really matters, and so I will try to do the same.
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