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    Arizona GOP Chair Calls For New Audit After Biden Confirmed Winner Again

    C’mon Mycroft, do you really think Trump was cheated out of an election he actually won? If so, 1- why do you disagree with GOP officials who acknowledge the reality that Biden won. 2- do you consider Trump’s consistent refusal to accept any defeat, ever, when you come to your conclusion?
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    Can the GOP look any dumber? And if so how?

    Who knows? I believe that the GOP is somewhat cynically using Trump’s baseless accusations to pass legislation that gives them an election edge, albeit not a huge one. In Texas they seem to be targeting urban areas, much as they did in AZ. Pretty transparent. They have acknowledged that they...
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    Can the GOP look any dumber? And if so how?

    Bottom line here is that we can have audit after audit. In AZ, now Texas coming up, then perhaps more. The central reality is not voter fraud, but Trump’s refusal to accept defeat. Ever. In any context. Why are the only fraudulent elections the ones when Trump loses, dating back to the Emmys?
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    Can the GOP look any dumber? And if so how?

    Trump asked on tape for 11,780 votes to change Georgia, and suggested to election officials that they might face prosecution if they didn’t find them. There’s some evidence. Investigation launched months ago. I don’t know more than that, and no doubt more evidence to come out, but that’s not...
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    Can the GOP look any dumber? And if so how?

    Now Trump claims his point was made when the AZ audit showed the opposite. Next step: move to Pima County, another place where Democrats did well last November. Then on to urban areas in Texas. We have moved into Queen of Hearts territory. You lost, Donald. Man up and face it for once in...
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    Can the GOP look any dumber? And if so how?

    There are routine audits/reviews of all elections. I was referring to the uselessness of what Trump’s ego and crookedness (e.g., asking officials to find a specific number of Georgia votes) have brought about. I should have been more clear. Sorry.
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    [W:2475] Ariz. State Senate Hears Preliminary Audit Report

    Wrong. People may resent what Trump did politically. That’s a normal reaction due to different beliefs on policy. But the “vile hatred” you speak of is justifiable outrage at his unnecessary insults, childish mockery and other dickish behavior. Pence might have done the exact same things on...
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    Two of the most damning things from Arizona audit report

    Seems like this happened: Trump and his supporters claimed the election was fixed in AZ. The audit said it wasn’t. Trump’s supporters (has Donald commented yet?) say the audit was fixed. Do an audit of the audit, and if it comes up with the same conclusion, it’s fixed. Any outcome that...
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    AZ audit is in...

    You don’t get it. Trump is so wrapped up in his ego that he can’t accept a loss at anything. Don’t believe me, name an election that displeased him where he hasn’t claimed fraud. Latest is the California recall. Trump is like the old 50s (or 60s) song, “Johnny One Note.” The only things he says...
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    AZ audit is in...

    Ah, I was wondering what Trump’s fall back position would be. Thanks for filling us in, Mycroft. Now it’s on to urban areas in Texas that Biden won.
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    Can the GOP look any dumber? And if so how?

    Because it’s the political version of jacking off to porn. Gives Trump and his loyalists pleasure, and is easier than having a real political “love-life,” that is, discussing issues. It embarrasses the country, accomplishes nothing else. And like masturbation, it makes some republicans go...
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    "AOC" (crocodile tears) Just Stop Already

    Sorry about that. My bad.
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    Hand count in (Cyber Ninjas) audit affirms Biden beat Trump, as Maricopa County said in November

    Haven’t you been paying attention? The GOP remains fearful of Trump and his base, over which he still holds influence. Now it’s on to Texas, no evidence of fraud there, but let’s select urban areas to audit, as we did when selecting Maricopa County.
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    Can the GOP look any dumber? And if so how?

    Trump announces that the audit was rigged in 5-4-3-2-1 seconds…
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    "AOC" (crocodile tears) Just Stop Already

    Ok, so if Arabs unite and succeeded in dispossessing Israel of its territory a la US settlers, too bad for them. So it seems that Palestinians are like the Sioux. But wait! Didn’t old Adolf move non-Germans out of parts of Europe and replace them? Get serious. Though the principle is...
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    "AOC" (crocodile tears) Just Stop Already

    The above is about as reasonable as the worst that Talib might have said. There is a lot to praise and support about Israel, including its efforts to reform some discriminatory policies in education, for example. But there is also much to criticize as well, including the issues raised by...
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    The 1950's ---- Musical variety at its best!

    Topsy, Part 2
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    DHS temporarily suspends use of horse patrol in Del Rio

    Cages preceded Biden. At least he is trying to honor our legal obligations.
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    Tucker Carlson

    Explain what is good about lamenting changes in our society immigration brings, saying “this is more than human beings are designed to digest. How would you feel if that happened in your neighborhood?” Poor baby. No wonder he is endorsed by Richard Spencer, David Duke. No wonder the Daily...
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