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  1. Fledermaus

    Rockford Police officer shot while in squad car, saved by ballistic vest

    Police say around 1:00 a.m. Thursday, officers were in the area of S. 3rd and Pope Streets in Rockford when one shot rang out from close range. Police say the bullet went through the passenger side door of the squad car and struck the officer. That officer reported feeling pain on his side. The...
  2. Fledermaus

    Who paid out of pocket for their vaccination ?

    Paid. Did not pay.
  3. Fledermaus

    Gang member gets just deserts.

    A gang member with an extensive criminal history was killed in a gun battle with San Bernardino police Wednesday after being suspected of shooting a deputy the day before. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. From the ABC link.... The suspect has been identified as Ervin Olikong, 34...
  4. Fledermaus

    Aurora officer attacked, strangled over traffic stop

    AURORA, Ill. – Officials in Aurora released dashcam video that shows the assault of a police officer during the course of a traffic stop last month. In a press conference Wednesday, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman said the traffic stop should have only resulted in a minor citation “at most...
  5. Fledermaus

    Hamas’ Top Priority in Gaza: Protect and Repair Terror Tunnels

    Hamas isn't repairing road using asphalt. They use pavers now? Why? Pavers cost about 5-10 times as much as asphalt does, and takes much more time. Why would Hamas spend this kind of money to repair roads? Because the pavers are meant to protect the terror tunnels. Israel used relatively...
  6. Fledermaus

    Hamas being Hamas - Schools as Hamas Shields.

    Jerusalem Post Arab Israeli Conflict Hamas prevents UN team from working near terror tunnel by school - report UN experts arrived at a Gaza UNRWA school to check for unexploded munitions — but were stopped by Hamas due to proximity to a tunnel. A...
  7. Fledermaus

    How Congress can fight Hamas's use of human shields

    A ceasefire has halted for now the Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians. But the conflict continues, including through campaigns at the United Nations and in the media to attribute victory and apportion blame. During the May 2021 conflict, Hamas reportedly used civilians as human shields...
  8. Fledermaus

    Hamas being Hamas - Explosive Balloons again.

    Hamas ‘balloon launching’ unit announces return to activity tomorrow The Hamas terror group’s incendiary balloon unit announces that it will return to activity on Tuesday, against the backdrop of the controversial Jerusalem flag march slated for that day. Israel has warned...
  9. Fledermaus

    The dilemma of rebuilding Gaza without rearming Hamas

    On his recent visit to Jerusalem and the West Bank, the UK's Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, told me it was "crucially important" to ensure funds went to "the Palestinian people, to alleviate their plight, and do not drift into the pockets of Hamas"...
  10. Fledermaus

    Entitiled Karen rants at Police - Loses job.

    Car being towed for invalid registration and no insurance. "Concerned citizen" butts in and does a stupid.
  11. Fledermaus

    The kind of psychos Police have to deal with regularly - NSFW

    With funny commentary....
  12. Fledermaus

    School Board member calls police chief a "skinhead" over a speeding ticket

    The title says it all. 3:50 in the video.
  13. Fledermaus

    Phoenix Police TAKE DOWN 4 year old for stealing a doll! - Liar Liar Pants on Fire - (NSFW)

    A great case of people doing everything wrong when encountering police* and the police in return over reacting. * Among the things they did worng in this encounter and in general: Shoplifting, evading police, not showing hands, not following instructions, driving while suspended, etc.
  14. Fledermaus

    INVINCIBLE Florida Woman stabs deputy - police shooting breakdown

    Woman stabs officer. Then complies by droopping knife.. Then picks knife back up and is shot in the head. She then rushes another officer who just arrived. Several shots fired.... Woman hit. And she still has the knife and tries to rise.... It takes a canine to get her to drop the knife...
  15. Fledermaus

    Tasers are not magic. And it takes 21 rounds to drop the bad guy after he stabs an officer.

    After shots were fired the guy was still grasping the female officer and had to be kicked away.
  16. Fledermaus

    Bad guy stabs Florida deputy in the neck - Gets tased for his troubles.

    Mental Health check goes wrong. And a lesson why cops always want to see your hands.
  17. Fledermaus

    Cop gets SHOT IN THE CHEST and stays in the fight

    Florida Man strikes again.... Police said the suspect was shot dead by police after he opened fire on officers serving a warrant for his arrest. The Daytona Beach police chief says one of the officers was shot in the chest but was wearing his bulletproof vest and was expected to recover soon.
  18. Fledermaus

    Daunte Wright shooting bodycam - police breakdown - NSFW

    Blasting to officer who fired the pistol instead of the Taser.
  19. Fledermaus

    Bodycam shows officers shot in stairwell of Brooklyn apartment

    Multiple shots fired for no reason.
  20. Fledermaus

    Stockton Police Officer Jimmy Inn was killed while responding to alleged domestic violence incident

    Domestic Violence is one of the most dangerous calls an officer may answer.
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