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    Rick Perry 'Taken Aback' By Tea Party Audience Cheering, "Let Patient Die"

    The last two Republican presidential debates have both featured the audience cheering about death. I personally think the reaction last week, when they cheered the number of executions in Texas under Perry, is far scarier.
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    In New York, it's the Carl conundrum

    Carl Paladino now says he wants to make this campaign about the issues. But he continues to make himself the issue, and of course the media is happy to follow along. Can he focus on the issues or has his "mad as hell" act put him in too deep a hole with downstate & Democratic voters...
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    Candidate and reporter get into shouting match

    Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor of New York, got into a heated shouting match with a reporter for the NY Post. Will this hurt Paladino, who is already viewed by many New Yorkers as a loose cannon, or will he gain support for taking on a member of the media? This story...
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    Candidate proposes prison dorms for welfare recipients

    Carl Paladino, the conservative Republican candidate for governor of New York, is proposing that prisons be used as dormitories for welfare recipients. He says staying there would be voluntary (thank goodness!) but they would be able to work in state-sponsored jobs and receive...
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    Eliot Spitzer hired by CNN

    If CNN doesn't work out, there's always the Playboy Channel
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    Eliot Spitzer hired by CNN

    Sex scandal? What scandal? Spitzer has been hired by CNN, along with conservative columnist Kathleen Parker, to co-host a "point-counterpoint" roundtable program in the 8:00 pm hour. Here's an article/commentary from a news site in Buffalo, NY. The author makes it clear what he thinks of the...
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