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  1. Travelsonic

    Started a YouTube channel - "The Road to Rugby Fitness" (not sure if right place)

    So... I was born with severely weak muscle tone, as well as a host of neurological issues that impacted soft motor skills that most of us take for granted. Over a large chunk of my lifetime, I overcame those issues and pessimistic odds regarding my ability to function like a "normal" human...
  2. Travelsonic

    TSA Fails to ID 73 Airport Employees With Links to Terrorism

    TSA Fails to ID 73 Airport Employees With Links to Terrorism - NBC News Oh wow. If this is not a wake up call regarding unnecessary bureaucracy, and inefficient practices in our government in general, I don't know what is, and dread what it will take to wake people up to the fact that out...
  3. Travelsonic

    "The information may be available as soon as Monday" [NSA scandal] suspicious?

    While reading this CNN article regarding the NSA scandal, and the idea that this helped prevent many acts of terrorism, one quote piqued my interest: And, watching other news stations have heard similar things. [I do wonder, do they mean next Monday, not today but a week from today?] My...
  4. Travelsonic

    Valuation Inspections

    Port Chester Westmore News: Rye Town to inspect homes to improve valuation process So basically this is going on in my home town, and I want to know - how much of this is legal, how much of this is legal-but-skirting-on-fine-boundaries, basically, what the **** is this about? I tried Googling...
  5. Travelsonic

    Public Swearing In Middleborough, Mass. Now Subject To Fine

    Can't make this **** up, folks. [ARTICLE LINK]
  6. Travelsonic

    Texas TSA Pat Down Ban May Be Back

    Texas TSA pat down ban may be back. Article Link
  7. Travelsonic

    Manhattan Federal Judge Calls Record Companies' Request for $75 Trillion 'Absurd'

    Article "Manhattan Federal Judge Kimba Wood Calls Record Companies' Request for $75 Trillion in Damages 'Absurd' in Lime Wire Copyright Case " Only way I can respond to the idiotic demand of these record companies: Seriously, 75 TRILLION DOLLARS? Are you ****ing kidding me?
  8. Travelsonic

    Proposed Law Would Criminalize ‘Misuse’ of Full-body Scanner Images

    [linky] "Two Democratic senators have proposed a law that would make it a federal crime to “misuse images” recorded by the Transportation Security Administration’s full-body scanners. Sens. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) offered the legislation as an amendment to the...
  9. Travelsonic

    Judge says government need not disclose air traveler security images

    [ARTICLE] Un-be-****ing-lieveable. :doh:doh:doh:doh:doh
  10. Travelsonic

    Carl Paladino: "I'd Use Eminent Domain To Block Ground Zero Mosque"

    Carl Paladino: I'd Use Eminent Domain To Block Ground Zero Mosque I've heard his radio ads, and think this is a very disturbing idea.
  11. Travelsonic

    Photojournalists "banned for life" from Miami-Dade Metrorail

    Banned for Life from the Miami-Dade Metrorail | Very Stretchy Indeed This makes my blood boil, bad enough those assclowns at 50-State Security were the way they were, but for the cops to shove their thumbs up their asses about it makes it even more aggravating. /opinion
  12. Travelsonic

    Judge: Youtube protected by safe harbor provisions of the DMCA

    Youtube Wins Case Against Viacom
  13. Travelsonic

    RIAA Wants Gov. to Delete Your Illegal Downloads

    RIAA Wants Gov. to Delete Your Illegal Downloads Has the RIAA/MPAA gone nuts enough yet?
  14. Travelsonic

    Self Defense v. Animal Cruelty

    Do you think there should be exceptions - if there aren't already - in animal cruelty laws for what could be considered self defense? For example, if you are in some public place that is frequented by Canada geese and somebody there finds himself being chased/pecked at/etc by one, despite...
  15. Travelsonic

    Court Reduces ‘Shocking’ File Sharing Award

    Court Reduces ‘Shocking’ File Sharing Award [LINK FOR THE ARTICLE] Thank god common sense still exists in some form.
  16. Travelsonic

    The New TSA Regulations: Good Call or Asinine?

    These are some of the new TSA regulations implemented after the Delta/Northwest explosives incident: From Air Canada's website. Also on a few other airline's websites, I think American's is one of them. What do you all think, a good step n the right direction, completely batsh*t asinine...
  17. Travelsonic

    Wow, what a storm.

    Last night as I was slowing down for the evening, prepping to go to sleep, the TV station I was watching gets interrupted with an Emergency Alert System message stating that the national weather service had issued a tornado warning for my area... Southern Westchester county, NY. Looked...
  18. Travelsonic

    Question about arrest

    Question: We know the police can lie to a detained person when trying to get information from them, but are there limits? Things they can NOT lie about when trying to coerce a person to talk? If so, what are they?
  19. Travelsonic

    EU tests brain scanning to catch terrorists

    EU tests brain scanning to catch terrorists | News | TechRadar UK Opinions? I think this is scary myself.
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