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    Conservative Radio is Making Me Sick!

    Hey, I am a Cristian wo has been labeling himself as a Conservative, but they are driving me out of my affiliation with them. Why are they criticizing GWB for his miles per gallon caps. This is the type of Hypocracy that gives validity to Lanienus and others. Yes Lanny, I am associating with...
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    Who did Dr. Dobson call a Nazi?

    Who Did Dr. Dobson Call Nazis? by: Corey Buckner I generally don’t do the type of journalism I am about to do now, but the biased attacks the media are launching on Dr. James Dobson, a hero of mine are so bigoted, and intentionally misleading that I couldn’t resist the urge to respond...
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    Men's Abortion Rights! Yeah baby! hmm... or maybe No Baby!

    From a man's perspective: How would you like for a woman to get pregnant and refuse to abort the baby, refuse to let you give up your parental rights, and refuse to let you not pay child support? Sounds like abortion laws benefit the woman while giving the man no rights at all. Sounds...
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    Parents Throwing Babies In Front Of Cars/You Cannot Survive Without My Body

    Here is the scenario… A mother and her 3-year-old daughter are walking along the side of a road. While walking, a large truck comes speeding up the side of the road uncontrollably and is heading straight for the daughter. The mother has two choices. She can either pull the daughter to safety...
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