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  1. TobyOne

    There Is No Greater Threat to Worker Rights Than This Republican Party

    The greatest threat to the American worker is wage stagnation. Trying to blame that on greedy business owners is just stale class warfare. The world is changing through globalization and all liberals can offer to the worker are disproven tropes and non-empirical ideologies. Now they're doubling...
  2. TobyOne

    College Football 2021

    LSU enbitchened. Don't talk shit unless you can back it up, nancy boys. https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/columnist/dan-wolken/2021/09/05/lsu-coach-ed-orgeron-hot-seat-misery-index-ucla-loss/5740975001/
  3. TobyOne

    How to Save Baseball

    There's nothing wrong with baseball that it needs to be saved. If its less popular than football or basketball, so be it. I do agree though on the season length. We shouldn't have games in November.
  4. TobyOne

    Pete and Chasten Buttigieg welcome twins

    Twins are always a difficult birth. Its good to see them both resting comfortably in their hospital bed.
  5. TobyOne

    America will still be White Supremacy with a Tan

    As long as "diversity" and "inclusion" is mandated or forced even in private enterprise without mandate, there will be no equality. People who are propped up based on race or identity aren't equal, they're slaves.
  6. TobyOne

    Bumble, Match Launch Funds To Cover Abortion Costs In Texas

    The right to bear arms is guaranteed by the constitution. The right to kill your offspring out of convenience is not a right.
  7. TobyOne

    Kabul animal rescue

    What happed with the cats? They said they released the dogs but where are the cats?
  8. TobyOne

    Harsh Coverage of Afghan Exit May Reflect Buyer's Remorse

    Biden was simply an anti-Trump vote. Democrats, as they do, ****ed up their selection process and chose an old serial lying, plagiarizing perv.
  9. TobyOne

    CNN— Why Democrats can't run away from Joe Biden

    At some point soon democrats will need to start distancing themselves from President Perv. He's simply toxic. Expect to see dem congressional candidates for 2022 lead the way.
  10. TobyOne

    AOC wants Jerome Powell fired......

    AOC is just a parody of herself. Lucky for her she got a boob job because thats the only she has going for her.
  11. TobyOne

    What do you think about this decision by the owner of a testing site for Covid

    Wow, thats pretty racist by the owner. Shame.
  12. TobyOne

    Major League Baseball 2021

    The Dodgers now have the best record in baseball and it still feels like they aren't that good. High expectations, I guess. Their offense sputters at times and they're not rolling over people like they've done in previous years. Bellinger is a huge disappointment and has been a liability as...
  13. TobyOne

    Kamala Harris has ‘Unprecedented’ Negative Rating

    And she looked spectacular in that all white suit.
  14. TobyOne

    Texas parents accused a Black principal of promoting critical race theory. The district has now suspended him.

    I suspect that there's a lot to this story that the WaPO - defender of all things woke - isn't reporting.
  15. TobyOne

    Major League Baseball 2021

    Plus their fans aren't worthy. They're uppity and disrespectful of their betters.
  16. TobyOne

    Kamala Harris: The absentee VP by design

    I don't think they realized how unpleasant and completely lacking in charisma she is. She's grating and clearly in over her head. Affirmative Action choice and now they have to live with it.
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