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  1. Crakhobarbie

    Trump asks Georgia officials to decertify 2020 election.... On 9/17/2021

    More proof Donald is certifiable... Last Friday.... 9/17/2021...... Donald sent a letter to Georgia secretary of state Brad Raffensperger, asking him to consider "decertifying" Trump's 2020 election defeat. Just how crazy does Donald have to be before someone puts a stop to it? I guess at this...
  2. Crakhobarbie

    Newsom remains Governor of Califirnia

    I mean..... it's not official yet..... but, this is my official prediction.
  3. Crakhobarbie

    Donald says he'd knock out Biden in seconds

    Donald Trump, in pre fight commentary on Sep. 11th, when asked if he had to box someone, who would he choose. Donald said he'd have to choose Joe Biden because Biden would go down very, very quickly. So, a former POTUS not only degrades the office he used to hold by acting as a commentator for a...
  4. Crakhobarbie

    Looks like the Cyber Ninjas have found no fraud.

    Because if they had found any real, concrete evidence of fraud, they would of come forth with it faster than my dog goes through a bowl of Chicken. Remember, any allegations of wrongdoing allegedly uncovered in their investigations, would have to be able to be validated in a court of law. They...
  5. Crakhobarbie

    Hillery did warn us this day would come

    She warned us, back in 2015, that that no matter what, Donald was going to claim the World was rigged against him. And she was sooooo right....
  6. Crakhobarbie

    300 million dollars per day

    That's what we spent in Afghanistan. 300 million dollars every day for 20 years. ......... When I think of all the good that could of been achieved here, at home, with that money it makes me sick. https://www.politico.com/news/magazine/2021/08/31/what-bidens-afghanistan-speech-left-unsaid-508124
  7. Crakhobarbie

    Do you have a God given right to refuse Vaccine mandates?

    The Supreme Court made it quite clear in Jacobson v Massachusetts over a hundred years ago that states can indeed mandate vaccination for the public good. Yesterday, they affirmed that decision in Klassen v Indiana University with regard to institutional vaccine mandates. I.e., they concluded...
  8. Crakhobarbie

    [W:361] How do anti-vaxers and anti maskers want to fight covid?

    I've heard a lot of anti maskers and anti vaxers here on the forum complaining how Bidens handeling covid. Yet I've never heard their solutions as to how they would fight covid. Sincere question.... Without using masks and the vaccine, how do you suggest we fight covid?
  9. Crakhobarbie

    Trump's base calls for violence if Trump is not reinstated

    The Department of Homeland security issued a warning on Friday: believers in the false conspiracy theory that Trump will be reinstated have increased their calls for violence if the former president isn’t back in the White House soon. “Some conspiracy theories associated with reinstating former...
  10. Crakhobarbie

    Marjorie Greene says if a nurse comes door to door to vaccinate you... Shoot 'em

    Video has emerged showing MTG suggesting that people should deploy their second amendment rights should any government nurses show up at your house suggesting you and your Family get vaccinated. Now, don't forget, MTG isn't just some Jethro off the dirt road.... She is a sitting member of...
  11. Crakhobarbie

    Cyber Ninjas incompetence shines

    Maricopa County and Dominion Voting Systems are rebuffing the latest subpoenas from Arizona’s GOP-led Senate for election materials related to the failed Cyber Ninjas "audit". County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers wrote: “If you haven’t figured out the election in Maricopa County...
  12. Crakhobarbie

    Susan Sarandon protests against the squad at AOC's N.Y. office

    Susan Sarandon organized a demonstration outside the Bronx office of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Monday, reminding the progressive lawmaker that she had made "a lot of promises" to her constituency but has failed to pull out all the stops achieving her healthcare agenda. While speaking at...
  13. Crakhobarbie

    Appearently there are serious issues with the Cyber Ninjas process

    Who would of thunk it? https://www.businessinsider.com/republican-liason-to-arizona-audit-says-he-might-resign-2021-7
  14. Crakhobarbie

    McCarthy blames Pelosi for Capital riot

    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters speaker Nancy Pelosi neglected her duty to defend the Capitol on Jan. 6 and demanding answers about her role in the violent attack that injured more than 140 police officers. He went on to say "On Jan. 6 these brave officers were put into a...
  15. Crakhobarbie

    Matt Gaetz's fiance's Sister tells all what she thinks of him

    Roxanne Luckey, the younger sister of Gaetz’s fiancée Ginger Luckey, posted a series of TikToks in the last fews days detailing her hatred of Gaetz, the right-wing Florida congressman who’s currently the subject of a federal investigation for potential sex trafficking. She posted a video of...
  16. Crakhobarbie

    M.T. Greene wants to deport Chinese Americans

    Marjorie can't help being a bigot and racist. And she does it on camera! This time she spoke out on Steve Bannons radio show, claiming “I would kick out every single Chinese in this country that is loyal to the CCP,” she added. “They would be gone. I do not care. They would be gone… you’re gone...
  17. Crakhobarbie

    Mike Lindell offering 5million to anyone who can disprove his election fraud claims

    The burden of proof lies with the accuser. But Mike Lindell doesn't see it that way. He's now offering 5 million dollars to anyone who can disprove his election fraud claims. So now Mike thinks it's prudent to offer cash to disprove something he was never able to prove....... Lindell truly is...
  18. Crakhobarbie

    Judge grills Lawyers on election fraud claims

    A judge in Michigan grilled Lawyers in a marathon video court hearing Monday on whether they had done due diligence before filing election fraud claims in federal court in November. The hearing became a painstaking recounting of the thinness of the claims supporting election fraud. The judge on...
  19. Crakhobarbie

    Court Affirms Immunity for Cops Who Tased Gasoline-Soaked Man and Burned Him to Death

    Police officers responded to a 911 call that Gabriel Eduardo Olivas was suicidal. When Officer Jeremias Guadarrama and Sergeant Ebony Jefferson arrived on the scene, Olivas had doused himself with gasoline and was threatening to burn the house down while other people were inside. Despite...
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