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  1. sokpupet

    Obama on Redistribution of Wealth

    Republican Jobs Bills Won’t Actually Create Jobs, Say Economists | Obama 2k12 Supporters
  2. sokpupet

    Obama on Redistribution of Wealth

    Class warefare? Bwahahahahahahaha!
  3. sokpupet

    Pot Kills! [W:498]

  4. sokpupet

    The legal right to masturbate

    Just sayin'.
  5. sokpupet

    Matthews: John Boehner Wants to Treat the Earth Like His Ashtray

    Dem McDermott: 'Little Baby Jesus And All This Stuff' | NewsBusters.org sorry wrong link!
  6. sokpupet

    TSA To Spread Flesh-Eating Bacteria and STD's

    Time to buy Kimberly-Clark stock! :comp:
  7. sokpupet

    Is the universe "infinite" or "finite"?

    I believe the universe is infinite; but that is the only term I know to use. I find it to be immeasurable and unfathomable. Just as we believed once the earth was flat; we may have no idea our origin possibly making our "Big Bang" theory as laughable.
  8. sokpupet

    Nigeria detains 12 in Halliburton bribery case

    Well, leave it to a foreign government to bring one of ours to justice. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. But, of course nothing will happen to "The Teflon Don". ~snip LINK And it gets even better.. .. .. ~snip LINK
  9. sokpupet

    What's Obama done to alienate the right so much?

    IMHO, Republicans intentionally threw the 2008 Presidential election. They didn't want to have to clean up the steaming piles left by BushCo. They put themselves in a position to rally and take over congress after Obama did their dirty work. Typical chickenshytehawks. Yea, they threw it alright.
  10. sokpupet

    The fascination by the left with Sarah Palin.....

    The left's "fascination" with Palin is only equal to the right's "fascination" with all that is The Obama Administration. :doh
  11. sokpupet

    ‘Liberal Clause’ Christmas book boosts tea party candidate

    Just when I thought they were disgusting enough; they double down on their idiocracy! :hm It is a new, sad day in the USA. LINK ~snip
  12. sokpupet

    How the nanny president sees himself -- and us

    Oh the manufactured outrage/poutrage of it all! :roll: Republicans want to tell us how to worship and control us in the BR. Which would you rather have? No Brainer!
  13. sokpupet

    Poll: Tea Party GOP, Obama nearly tied for leader of choice

    .. .. ..unless we see fit to do so. "Do as I say; not as I do". LINK Paaaaleeeezzzz! :doh
  14. sokpupet

    Suze Orman: 'The American Dream' Is Dead

    Medicare Fraud: A $60 Billion Crime Corporate Welfare LINK Maybe if the haves will stop stealing, marginalizing, and taking money off the government; as well as having the government pay them to do business in the US our economy would improve. Those are the welfare queens of the 21st century.
  15. sokpupet

    Starve the Beast: Just Bull, not Good Economics

    Thom Hartmann is a successful person with no drug/alcohol addictions in his history, is well educated, and published; not like your right-wingers angry, white, male, addict in remission representative of the embodiment of your American conservative ideals=BECK/LIMBAUGH. :rofl
  16. sokpupet

    Starve the Beast: Just Bull, not Good Economics

    ~snip The Two Santa Claus Theory, Understanding Republican Rhetoric - Mad Mad World
  17. sokpupet

    Marriage is between a Man and a Woman.

    The divorce rate in the US is >50%. I hardly believe heterosexuals should be dictating who should be able to marry since they demonstrate such disregard for it. Maybe they are afraid of being shown up.
  18. sokpupet

    Starve the Beast: Just Bull, not Good Economics

    A good article on the economic irresponsibility advocated by much of the modern GOP. LINK Complete article HERE. Additional article HERE.
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